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Finance Essay on Bolivia

Case 2: Bolivia


The idea of microfinance started in Bolivia in the start of 1980s. Other surrounding nations had embraced the concept beforehand. Microfinance started in Bolivia at a time when the nation was facing monetary problems. It was as well fighting low economy and also high population problems. Nevertheless, the nation has witnessed distinctive exposure in micro lending. Ever since mid-1980s, numerous powerful companies have been established in the nation.

Question one

Rivalry has a number of impacts on the micro lending industry particularly. Customers revel in low interest rates on loans obtained from Micro Financial Institutions that had indicted high rates for the first 15 years. Trading expenses have as well lessened because of rivals attempting to get most of the customers. The other impact of rivalry to individual customers is that, it offers them liberty to purchase for credit in the market places. Altogether, rivalry lessens the repayment duration. Nevertheless, competition may as well have a destructive impact of pushing customers to be more obligated to numerous loan providers. Additionally, competition as well impacted the micro loaning sector in several ways. A trust that changed due to rivalry is one that perceives the market as boundless as well as the commodities and services as irrelevant to customers. On top of this, with surging rivalry, loaning organizations need to search for ways to surge proficiency of services to consumers.

Question two

Julie and Estefan have learnt that not being able to enact the program as recommended and scam were the core facets that have led to debts. The other revelation made was that stress emanating from the group as well as clashes that came up with policies have as well been complex problems touching the law-breaking difficulty. They ought to endorse that Mujeres Unidas had better look at the process that they embrace as well as see which ones need to be corrected. They ought to as well counsel Mujeres Unidas to safeguard the parts where debts are less and check out other imminent problem. On the other revelation, Julie and Esteban ought to counsel Mujeres Unidas to attempt to pick certain data in other areas as well as contrast them with the organization. This manner will make it easy to figure out parts that require enhancement. The corporation ought to go over their latest policies and include responses. This will let suitable interaction amongst customers and the administration regarding the policies that had been by now reviewed. A response system will let any difficult that may be experienced by the workers to be looked at by the organization.

Question three

The community Association in Cochabamba ought to take the ensuing step to get rid of the instant law-breaking problem. They could request the associates of the union to give out certain amount of money for remunerations. They could as well get some funds from their savings. The other feat that could aid the union is to do a sequel of the development of Ana on the case of not paid amounts. The long-lasting solution is for the union to train its members on how to get back disbursements. The union could as well spur associates to unite and come up with friendly means to terminate misperceptions. Marisol could as well be alerted to look at the process of the union to let best processes to be enacted.  The other enduring strategy is for the associates to take part in the unions. Through this strategy, they will be well-versed with the rules and in the process will enhance the performance of the union.


The significance of the Bolivia case is to expound how non-profit companies offer credit services to women as well as endow them in their endeavors. The case more so expounds how the administration of microfinance companies has a huge duty of ascertaining as well as regulating law-breaking issues.

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