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Finance Essay on Personal Statement

Personal Statement

It is my desire to enroll for a master’s program in finance engineering at your widely recognized organization. I am a finance major scholar from the University of Pittsburgh. I hold a sturdy education background in mathematics and finance. With this education background, I am set and fit for this program as I comprehend what it includes as well as what I ought to do to be the best in it. As a result, it is my humble wish that you think through my application for this program.

In the course of my undergraduate, I specialized in finance as well as obtained the essential academic abilities in finance engineering. I majored in numerous mathematical techniques as well as financial courses necessary in this area of learning. Incidentally, I have a great background in mathematics particularly in calculus that builds me perfectly for a master’s program in finance engineering. I comprehend mathematics to be a necessity in this program. For this reason, I have been cautious to improve my abilities in math, as it has been my desire to go after a program in this area of learning. In contrast, I studied numerous financial concepts as well as other areas of learning in finance. These fields have prepared me with a number of abilities in finance. They have as well equipped me for any program in finance. In regard to this fact, I will be able to go on with a master’s degree in finance engineering devoid of challenges as I take my undergraduate studies to be the basis for this master’s program. Actually, they grew my desires in this area of study by turning me to what I am these days in finance. They familiarized me to numerous facets of finance that I was not able to comprehend prior to undertaking my undergraduate degree.

In this respect, I am set to go after a master’s degree in finance engineering. Together with my academic capabilities I accumulated in the university, I grew my know-how by learning a number of computer courses in finance. These computer courses aided me to enroll for my academic ability in real life circumstances as well as built a desire in me for going after this program. I am zealous on undertaking this program as besides the merits connected to a master’s degree in finance, my desire is in this program. I hope to see things transform in finance as well as I ought to be the individual that comes with that amendment.

From the start, my policies have to turn into a professional in my area of study, and as I desire to turn into a financial engineer, I hope to turn into a professional in this specialty. Together with this strategy, I hope to make a considerable change in my field of study by utilizing the education abilities I will get in my master’s degree. I envision myself in coming day as an inventive professional in this field of study.  I as well envisage myself as a consultant in the career. This spurs me to go after a master’s degree in finance engineering as it has been my desire for my entire life to succeed in this specialty.

In addition to my academic credentials as well as background, my creativity is exceptional. I am capable of dealing with difficult chores as well as resolve them. I contemplate this influence in this program due to the fact that it aids me in tackling difficulties I encounter in my studies, and so I will aid me undertake my master’s degree without any challenges. On top of this, I play football although not at professional stage. Nevertheless, presented with an opportunity in your university, I can develop it.

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