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Genorotology Essay on An Observation of Adult Daycare Program

An Observation of Adult Daycare Program

The adult day care program that I frequented offered daytime care for grown-ups in a group environment in the society. The program was situated at St Francis of Assisi parish. The program was organized for adults who moved back to their homes as well as caregivers at the day end. In this program, people were provided high degree of care as well as with relation to their group. The program provided aid to weak elders, adults with psychological or mental disorders, as well as any other adults who required organized day program.

On the foundation of independent elderly group, the program provided a broad variety of undertakings as well as numerous services. This is due to the fact that self-regulating elders do not demand extra observation. These activities as well as services incorporate collected foodstuff, leisure, journeys, medical check-ups, transportation, and work out programs as well as learning courses activities.  This group was explicitly designed to uphold its members busy as well as capable of learning and also take them through diverse settings far away from the caretakers in residences. Associates of this group were capable of creating numerous helpful community projects. This was due to lessons that they were taught by their teachers.

The other category was adults with advanced mental illnesses. This was a great group and its associates were provided the best kind of care. In the group, close as well as more widespread supervision was provided. Members of this category were presented with a tailored care program. They were as well guided in taking their prescription by trained nurses. This is a special group and this is why its members were never taken to expedition or took part in leisure activities. Nevertheless, they were provided nutritious foods as well as personal care aid.

The other group included those adult anguishing from Alzheimer’s disease. This as well was a distinctive group where special and private care was provided to its associates. This category is made up of particularly experienced workers that were capable of offering private care aid. It was as well involved in failure-free undertakings that were tactically organized to enhance confidence. These undertakings made it possible for the contributors to acquire a sense of confidence which aided them in recuperating from illness. Additionally, the daycare program provided medical services to this group, which were made available by health care specialists, incorporating listed nurses as well as psychotherapists.

The program had a well-organized strategy which improved high level services for its customers. Supportive programs that provided social and recreational activities were accessible, some aided with ADLs, and transportation services whereby adults were moved to and from their homes. The program had been running for some years and it is supported by non-governmental organizations and other well-wishers. The program operates from Monday to Friday and under a maximum of eight hours in a day. I was able to meet individuals who were simply volunteers who made sure that the place is clean and odor free. The staffs were welcoming and treated these adults with care and respect. The other notable services were occupational, physical therapies and speech. The core goal of this adult is to aid elderly people who demand supervision to be active in their communities and away from the institutions for a certain period. Another aim is to offer caregivers time for their work, have time for their caregiving duties and catering for their families.

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