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Medical specialists are trusted with the lives of sick people. They are anticipated to be capable in their line of duty to save their patients’ lives. Nevertheless, statistics have depicted that many sick people in the United States depart this life because of medical mistakes on yearly basis. In pharmacy, a misconduct may take place when a pharmacist does not give the correct dosage, causing severe consequences or demise. This study strives to analyze circumstances under which a pharmacist can be seized accountable for his or her misconduct. The research will as well look at the means that a pharmacist nearly shuns carelessness in his or her career.

Professional Liability in Pharmacy

Pharmacists play a leading purpose in the medical setting, as their responsibilities incorporate providing medication to the patients. They as well ensure that all prescriptions are kept well in the drug store. The recent roles of pharmacists have transformed from what they used to be some years back. In history, a pharmacist was only obligated to provide the best manner of taking medication in accord to their strengths, however, these days, a pharmacist has to make sure that sick people are provided the correct drugs, and also notifying them on the probable side effects linked with the prescriptions. Sick people somewhat are not informed on the effects that medication may have on their body. Therefore, they depend on pharmacists to offer them guidelines on how to use them.

The pharmacists’ responsibilities need them to be capable in filling the drug aptly. Nevertheless, if a pharmacist prescribes the incorrect drug to the patient, or provides an incorrect dosage, this may be seen as a medical neglect or misconduct. Giving out an incorrect medication is the most prevalent kind of neglect amongst pharmacists. This kind of misconduct takes place in a number of ways, which incorporate providing an incorrect medication, using wrong amount in producing a compound, providing a wrong dosage or replacing an incorrect ingredient in a compound. Medical mistakes have been on the rise these days because of imbalances in cost of drug in the course of provision, brought about by a high rate of medicine use.

Disordered handwriting amongst pharmacists has been liable for drug recommendation flaws. The pharmacist who fills the medication wrongly infringes his responsibility as he holds the final chance to make clear any vague message (Abood, 2014, p. 398). Pharmacists make this final connection in the chain of drug provision, therefore, they are only liable clearing any vagueness that may take place in medicine recommendation. As a result, this mistake may spread up to filling an incorrect dosage. Recommending a sick person an incorrect dosage may culminate in worsening the disease and the patient in the process. Prescription mistakes are certainly disastrous when the medicine offered hold delicate therapeutic index.

Minor errors that lead to small injuries can reasonably be exempted. The just circumstance that the pharmacist can be liable is when an actual mistake takes place. For example, when a male sick person is provided an incorrect drug, he may undergo severe damage to his body organs to the stage of demanding surgery or further treatment. The sick person may be disabled, therefore, demanding him to walk on clutches. Sick people who agonize because of pharmacist’s neglect are remunerated for the hurt, as well as penal damages.  In case the sick person is required to look for advanced treatment, then the pharmacist is obligated by the law to take care of the bills. The sick person’s household may force the pharmacist to remunerate the penalizing damages to chastise him or her for misconduct.

How to avoid Negligence in Pharmacy Profession

Pharmacists hold a crucial duty of offering sick people with apt medication as required. The relation between a sick person and a pharmacist ought to be like casual watcher, however a jovial one where comprehension is cherished. In relation to Wertheimer and Konnor (2012), electronically conveyed medication orders can lessen the cases of pharmaceutical mistakes, certainly wreaked by unreadable writing (p. 486). Due to duplications in technology, pharmacists ought to notify the appropriate software designer to handle the errors. Pharmacists ought to embrace cyberspace in clearing names of medications as well as safety data.

Mistakes in giving out medication hold severe consequences on both sick people and pharmacist specialists. Quality control actions can aid in lessening the mistakes. Baker and Mondt (1994) suggested the utilization of a “triple check plus two” method that included confirming when drugs are removed from the store, when put in the container, as well as when filling an order (Gianutsos, 2008). This can aid in distinguishing the similar labels. The FDA (Food and Drugs Association) has introduced a plan to reduce the utilization of acronyms in classifying medications to shun misperception of medicine names. The organization has as well forced pharmacists to make clear both label names as well as generic names of the medicines on the provision orders.

Dosage mistakes frequently take place when the medicines given out are those of extra toxic percentage than their therapeutic dosage. This mistake can be wiped out by putting into consideration the decimal points, as they ought to be applied solitary when they are necessary (Abood, 2014, p. 398). Hand-written recommendations ought to be shunned, as the untidy handwriting has been liable for imprecision, and as a result wrong medication. Embracing brands ought to be lessened, as pharmacists may try to pick brands that they are well-versed with, instead of providing what is actually prescribed.

Patients’ therapies will take time to lessen mistakes in medicine recommendation. In the United States, over 19 states have regulation that push pharmacists to offer oral advice to sick people, certain when providing latest medication (Spector & Youdelman, 2010, p. 9). In certain states, the pharmacists are solitary needed to provide widespread guidance to sick people. Guidance ought to incorporate displaying medications to patients when making inquiries that link to the physician’s recommendations. When buying medicines from drug stores, sick people are guided to read the brands keenly so as to shun taking medications which contain harmful ingredients. A second identifier is essential to shun providing medication to the wrong sick person.


Pharmacists play a crucial function in providing health data, particularly in enlightening sick people on the use of drugs as well as their side effects. Medical misconduct, in provision of medicine, has caused a lot of death globally. A pharmacist may be liable for neglect if he or she recommends harmful or varied medicines, instead of what the sick person needs. A pharmacist ought to grow a self-governing vow with his sick people with a goal of building a positive outcome in drug therapy. Utilization of technology ought to be spurred in recommendation for consistency. Sick people ought to be advised prior to being provided with medicines. All medication ought to be branded prior to giving them out to sick people whereas handwritten instructions ought to be shunned, as it leads to misperceptions. Primarily, pharmacists ought to at all times to think about sick people’s wellbeing to shun deaths as well as legal compensation.


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