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Personal Statement

In my life, I wish is to pursue a career in medicine. Since my childhood, I have striven to achieve this goal. Members of my family have always motivated me. Actually, I have been promised support by all family members in all steps that I take towards achieving my goal not just emotionally, but financially as well. This has enabled me to focus on academics, practicing and volunteering in order to acquire clinical experiences. Members of my family expect me to achieve this goal. Additionally, since the beginning everybody has always told me that I am capable of reaching greater heights in medicine. I have also learnt different aspect of medicine through clinical experiences. Therefore, I intend to further this experience via medical studies.

Among the reasons why I intend to pursue a career in medicine is to meet the expectations of my family without failing them. Additionally, I want to venture into a career that encourages or permits lifetime learning. This is very important since it will make me more knowledgeable about my study field. In addition, I need a career that enables me to interact and work with other people the way I want. Experts in the medical field are able to interact with other people from different walks of life. I like interacting with people and a career in medicine will enable me to realize this ditto. Personally, I would like to interact with patients and also share their problems.

My volunteer and clinical practicing experiences have taught me different attributes that make me qualify to be a physician. An example of this is commitment to medical career and strong motivation that I possess. Furthermore, I have proven to be one of the most promising physicians on several occasions. Additionally, the ability to communicate properly with other people in clinical settings is a vital attribute that I have developed since I was in high school and in college.

Moreover, my attributes are clearly indicated by my experience as well as while volunteering in the hospitals where I interacted with other people in person and via phone as well as in the setting of smaller clinics. I am always focused, hardworking, accessible, nice to the other people and approachable. These aspects enable me to easily interact with patients properly. My academic success and performance reveal my capacity to work academically and my practical endurance especially when required to work for many hours. Furthermore, I am intelligible, charismatic, confident and friendly. People feel at ease while around me.

I know the university’s technical standard in terms of clinical settings as well as life pressures in the Caribbean Island. These may provide logistical and cultural characteristics that differ from what I am used to. However, this is not a challenge since I will work extra hard in academics to overcome them. Additionally, I am good at adapting to new areas. Therefore, I will cope with logistical and cultural features of the university properly and with ease. For instance, while joining college, I did not know anybody yet I was able to graduate successfully both academically and socially. As such, attending school in this Island though unfamiliar to me will not be a major challenge. Actually, it will provide a chance for me to have more exciting journeys during my studies. Additionally, it will motivate me to work harder in order to emerge as a phenomenal doctor.

A physician ought to have different values and skills in order to properly practice medicine. For instance, a physician ought to be intellectually flexible and committed to treat and heal patients using the available medical technology. During my clinical practices and volunteering experiences, I have learnt that I have these values and skills. That is exactly why I will be mesmerized if given a chance to venture into a medical career. My sincere hope is that you will allow me a chance to study in your institution.


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