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Health Care Esssay on Week 8 Public Health’s Future

Week 8 Public Health’s Future

The modern system of public health is changing at a fast rate because of the advancements in technology, skilled manpower and new drugs. New diseases are also emerging and these are difficult to cure. Some of these diseases are preventable while others are incurable. As such, the public health sector has been changing accordingly in order to address the areas that it finds challenging. Different prospects and strategies of the public health sector that can be developed in order to influence this field are explored in this paper.

Due to advancement in research, technology and experiences, there have been improvements in the public health sector. This implies that the modern public health sector has a structure that is making a noteworthy transition. The sector is shifting from the detached interventions in order to handle different infectious diseases to a broad perspective of economic and socio-cultural enforcements that enables it to handle fundamental factors that cause ill health (Gostin, Boufford & Martinez, 2004).

This implies that the modern population is healthier and not likely to fall sick or get infected with diseases. It is also expected that life expectancy will increase with mortality rate being reduced. Intervention by the government in the provision of care by making the existing public infrastructure stronger, improving public health’s determinants and encouraging collaboration with the private sector has made this possible (Institute of Medicine (US), 2003). Thus, the public health’s outlook is bright even though the sector faces several challenges.

If I had a chance to impact on any aspect of the public health sector, I would try to improve the prevailing conditions of the public health. Such aspects include different environments including the natural, social, economic, information environments, and work among others. The aspect that I would concentrate on most is the socio-economic environment.

Encouraging a good socio-economic environment would improve other aspects like improved nutrition, active lifestyle, violence reduction and social interaction which would all improve public health. This also entails introducing strategies for reducing common disparities in socio-economic health (Graham, 2004).


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