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Question 1: In your opinion, does Jackson deserve his position in history as a great president or King Andrew, as his opponents named him? Explain your position by addressing a particular action or decision that was part of his presidency.

My opinion is that Jackson deserves the position that he occupies in history on the basis of his decisions and actions in regard to the legacy that he left as the president. The role that he played in the growth and development of democracy is one of his main actions that qualify him to be considered a great president. On several occasions, Jackson acted as the people’s president. This can be seen from the substantive relationships that he forged with the United States’ people instead of the other government arms that include the congress. Such actions popularized him during the time that he occupied the United States’ presidency. In his domineering and initiative style, Jackson always remained bold. For this reason, he was called King Andrew by his opponents. However, I consider this act as an expression that any principled and charismatic leader should have.

Jackson wanted an accessible and simple republican government. His government was the major power source signifying the United States’ citizens. Another factor that made him a great leader of the United States was a controversial nature that made him unpredictable. This is because he was among the fiery patriots and a strident partisan throughout his rule. He used his personality to gather audacity and strength. These were the traits that stood out instead of a self-obsessed and vengeful personality while ruling the US. The way he handled his opponents’ cases and those of individuals who did things wrongly such as Henry Clay, Nicholas Biddle and John Calhoun shows his no-nonsense way of handling issues of the public as well as thwarting the judiciary and legislative arms’ position. My opinion is that the legacy of Jackson remains a shining symbol when the accomplishments that the United States has made are evaluated.

Question 2: Examine the Resolutions. What do they tell you about the goals of the early Women’s Rights Movement? What do they also tell you about the prejudices women would have to overcome to gain the equality they sought?

After critical examinations, it becomes apparent that the movements that fought for women rights aimed at acquiring equal rights with males. This was via the enhancement of women empowerment and awareness of their rights as well as laws that govern citizens’ existence in the United States’ context. Additionally, the movements aimed at achieving equal voting rights since women felt that they were equal to men. Furthermore, the movements aimed at enhancing women development in their society via the elimination of regulations and laws that limited public positions’ occupation on basis of gender.

Going by these resolutions, there were several prejudices that included limits to public positions’ occupation, and voting rights that women had to get over. The society considered women’s gender weak and therefore their role came second to that of men. To show the society that they were equally capable and in order to take part in the activities of social, economic and political spheres, it was necessary for women to overcome such prejudices.


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