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History Essay on State of China for the Last Twenty Years from 2011

State of China for the Last Twenty Years from 2011

There has been a gradual change in the Chinese government from the government that was in power in the 19th century during the Cold War. At this time, socialism agenda was abolished. Support for socialism was withdrawn by all parties. The Chinese government that had a single party leadership at that time is now a democratic administration. The Chinese people are now fully responsible for electing leaders. This started in 1992 following the abolition of the Old National Assembly. This move created a room for an elected parliament. The constitution was revised by the chinese government in 1994. This allowed the citizens more democracy.

The priority of the Chinese government was to maintain good neighborhood with other states. The evidence of this is the continued endeavor for maintaining mutual relationship with ASEAN. As such, there has been full cooperation, friendship and tightened security among them. Several benefits have been enjoyed due to the existence of an open market. As such, the Chinese government is working hard to balance the economy. It is also striving to reduce the gap that exists between the poor and the rich because of the economic democracy that people enjoy in China.

The rich people in China are able to purchase shares and stocks which they exchange with land. This causes this gap. Though the government of China advocates for democracy since the era of the cold war ended, this democracy has not been implemented fully. Even with the fast social-economic modernization and revolution, China is still an authoritarian single party state. It restricts expression, belief and association freedoms. Journalists and judicial freedom as well as independence are explicitly discarded by the government. Subjectively, human right activists are restricted and contained via extra-judicial procedures.


The free market and globalization which emerged in 1991 following the end of the cold war have affected China economy positively. The economy has been growing at a rapid rate. Before the cold war, the policies that China had made its economy poor, inefficient, separated from the global economy, centrally control and one subjected to a slow growth rate. This kept it from enjoying the benefits of the free market and the global economy.

Since 1991, there has been growth in different aspects of the Chinese economy. This has made it the second largest economy globally. This is due to merchandise importing, cheap labor and foreign direct investments. Although the recent global economic meltdown reduced its GDP to 9% from 14.2%, the Chinese government implemented measures that prevented it from suffering more negative effects. The enforced procedures improved expenditure and domestic investment preventing further impact on the economy.

Social Changes

There has been a rapid change in the Chinese humanity following the adoption of the capitalist economic system. Currently, the society is divided into state professionals and capitalists who initially owned lands and poor peasants.  There has been a great decrease in the total poor peasants’ numbers because of employment creation. This is due to the adoption of a free market and industrialization. As such, the total lower class’ population in the Chinese society has continued to decrease. Although the living standards of the citizens have greatly improved with the growing economy, poverty is still high in the rural areas when compare to urban areas.

Gender roles

China has been striving to realize equal appreciation for every member of its society as an equal being. In terms of gender roles, the Chinese women are now appreciated and they can hold offices of the state. Family businesses are also playing an important role in the support of women employment. This is contrary to the past when the roles of women were restrained to housework only. Men were the sole bread winners.

Event in China That Happened Between September 2011-March 2012 and has relevance to the fashion merchandising major

The main event that occurred in China affecting its fashion merchandise sector negatively was censorship of the freedom of online expression. The freedom of expressing opinion was limited by the measures that were implemented by the Republic of China. The interpretation was that this was defamatory and therefore the state put strict policies in place as a way of implementing internet and media censorship. Although the move to limit expression freedom was opposed by most nations, the law was passed. Fashion merchandise, which involves the promotion and sale of jewelry, furniture and clothing, was affected by this censorship.

The internet provides information on the available markets and fashion merchandise. It is also possible to access information on the latest designs through the internet at a reduced cost. The censorship also affects the Chinese economy in terms of gender roles. The Chinese men who deal in furniture can no longer conduct online transactions which are less costly. This is because they fear conducting online transactions with the government censorship in place. Women in the jewelry and fashion industry are also unable to market their products online. This has reduced their incomes.

Free expression censorship and publication of information can scare business entities who might not engage in transactions with the Chinese fashion merchandisers. This is because they might fear violation of non-disclosure agreements. This has a negative impact on businesses because many customers have been lost to competitors in the other countries where online expression is allowed.

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