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Humanities Essay on Rhetorical Analysis of Mrs. Clinton

Rhetorical Analysis of Mrs. Clinton

Mrs. Clinton is a powerful woman dedicated to fighting for human rights across the globe. It was until when she attained the Status of the First Lady in the United States of America in 1993 when she started her work. Through her status and capacities outside office, she has gone beyond political sphere to champion for the acknowledgment and rights of women.

In the rhetorical analysis below, the writer explores Mrs. Hillary Clinton persuaded her audience that supporting women across the globe is beneficial to everyone and not just women. Mrs. Clinton in her speeches employs the use of metaphors. For instance, she compares women to a force of nature that ensures continuity of life. She also compares a woman to a very powerful force, more specifically, a force that can drive and keep the world running despite all prevailing challenges.

She also calls upon the world to appreciate women for their dedication in ensuring life to humanity. She states that women do an excellent job raising children and the world should ensure they are protected as a way of appreciating them. She also asserts as to whether she is destined or not, she challenges norms in regards to women in an effort to empower them to be in a position to standup for themselves.

Mrs. Clinton also states that the world has had a negative perception of girl child education and this need to change for a great tomorrow. She also emphasizes on her points in the speech by use of contrast bearing in mind that she can make a statement that depicts contrast. She says for instance, the rights of women are still human rights.

Previously, Mrs. Clinton gave many examples of roles played by educated women across the globe as a way of supporting her ideas on women empowerment. She also influenced audiences that educating women helps to enhance the lives of humanity for example in social life and health. She also gave examples of educated women in United States of America politics and other nations who have pushed for Acts that help to enhance economic and political spheres of their countries.

She also gave examples of learned woman, McCormick in Ireland who fought and advocated for peace by calling for the ushering in of the Good Friday Accords.  Mrs. Clinton therefore used such great illustrations to show her target audience the benefits that an educated woman can bring to the world.

Mrs. Clinton also asserts that women bring peace and development to their countries besides her argument on women empowerment for global good. In this case, she used examples of women who have utilized their political power to fight for stability and in peace in their states. In this regard, she refers women to people who are out to ensure peace for humanity despite their political standing.

In conclusion, Mrs. Clinton calls on the world to acknowledge the potential in women for the general good of the world. She outspokenly supports girl child educating stating that learned women have helped the world to realize many observable goals. Such elements have given Mrs. Clinton an opportunity to maintain her audience’s attention while delivering her great women empowerment messages. This is an example of a trailblazer with greater vision that benefits not only women but also for every individual.

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