Effects of Cold War on Europe

Law Essay on Analysis of Imam Shafi’i: The Worshipping Imam

Analysis of Imam Shafi’i: The Worshipping Imam

According to Salaf, ‘’Hadith is a source of misguidance except for the fuqaha’’ to give the implication that hadith that only be understood through holy interpretation by those who are knowledgeable on religion and Arabic language. This is because the term fuqaha is used in reference to people who are Islamic scholars and therefore, are able to holistically interpret hadith.

Scholars apply hadith and logic in the interpretation of the Shariah. This is potentially dangerous owing to the cases of extremists in either side. Therefore, those who believe in logic will base their arguments only on logic while those who believe in hadith will justify their assertions only by using hadith. This will impact misunderstanding and also affect the interpretation of the Shariah. Besides, it can also present the risk of errors as a result of the rigidity of the two extremists. This is supported in the course readings where Imam Shafi’i and Imam Malik disagreed on the purpose of ‘aml ahl Medina tradition.

Maslaha and Maqasid are aspects of the Muslim faith that cannot be separated. The main aim of every Muslim is to do good in all aspects, hence, it does not matter whether the good is towards an individual or a country. This is because Shariah and Hadith, both of which uphold good as a virtue that offers guidance in every action. However, effective interpretation of Shariah and Hadith is necessary. This requires the incorporation of both logic and understanding of tradition.

Modern Muslims are affected by a wave of globalization that encourages people to embrace individualism.  Therefore, they may feel the need to act on their own understanding of Shariah and Hadith. This makes it easy for people to make mistakes in their interpretations. The contemporary Muslims should therefore equally embrace tradition and logic in order to achieve a balance.


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