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Admission Essay

Administrative and leadership roles offer one the opportunity to align healthcare institutions with quality provision of health. Obtaining a degree in this field and subsequent qualifications can therefore make my career prospects quite exciting. Again, there is a need for larger number of students to find motivation in pursuing healthcare leadership roles mainly because health problems that threaten the existence of humanity continue to thrive. Some of them are preventable and only exist because of ineffective policies in place. As a potential student in this field, I will be a valuable asset to society because I will drive myself into becoming a unique professional.

Given an admission in the field will be an opportunity for me to exploit my talents through benefiting and sustaining human life.An admission in this institution will be an important chance for me to acquire knowledge in advanced healthcare administration. It will provide a platform through which I canrelate, refine and improve my leadership skills. It is evident that healthcare services are evolving at a rapid rate throughout the globe. The changes being experienced in this sector cover areas such as care or service delivery, healthcare practitioners, and financing of the care.

Poor or low quality care delivery is often a consequence of inefficient and ineffective administration. Nevertheless, there are some hospitals or health care institutions that lack essential systems that can improve the provision of quality care. This is an issue, that mainly arises as a result of inadequate funding. As an administrator, I will use my skills in seeking funds through grant applications, and this will enable the hospital acquire ICT interventions, which have been proven to enhance efficacy in eliminating medical errors, monitoring health of patients and many other concerns. I have no doubt that such a move will work well towards improving the quality of healthcare. On the other hand, financial issues may also arise because of the leadership styles implemented by some of the leaders.

I feel that there is need for the administration to work hand in hand with chief finance officers especially as far as consideration of ventures that will require substantial funding is concerned. This is because some of the procedures followed by the financial executives may not be ethical, and this can lead to misappropriation of finances, which could have otherwise funded important projects. In an administrative role, my other objective would be to work closely with policy makers mainly because healthcare facilities operate using the formulated policies. I feel that such policies ought to be in line with the laws of the country so as to enhance provision of transparent care without other concealed motives.

Alternatively, some healthcare organizations fail to deliver quality care or services owing to relational issues amongst the workforce in the workplace. Although some people may perceive this issue to be outside the care or service provision, I strongly believe that it can influence care delivery. The failure by some healthcare leaders to address appropriate professional boundaries for their professionals can strain working relations. One of my goals will be to attain administration proficiency, as this will help me to deal with issues concerning professional boundaries. In this regard, it is my opinion that leaders ought to develop good working relations with their subordinates or colleagues.

In such a way, practitioners will become confident and open enough to consult them whenever they feel abused, or discuss any issue, which the administration should consider in an effort to improve the quality of services or care.I will uphold my diligence in my pursuit of my career, and further education in administrative healthcare. Immediately I join the healthcare field, my objective will be to bring on board all the staff members on the mission of helping to restore the health of people. Therefore, admission into this university will play a critical role in helping me to achieve my goals in life. I promise to meet all the requirements and abide by all the rules of the future healthcare practitioner while promoting advancement in both healthcare, and humanity

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