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Leadership Studies Essay on Elements of a Transformational Leader

Elements of a Transformational Leader

Transformation leadership style is known as one of the best management strategies based on the ability of a leader to motivate followers to achieve more positive changes compared to what they had planned to achieve. This paper describes the elements of a transformational leader briefly.

Idealized influence is the first crucial element of a transformational leader and can occur as a behavior or a characteristic. The accredited idealized influence of a transformational leader involves charisma of the leader whether those whom he or she leaders perceive him or her as self-confident, competent and devoted to higher levels of ethics and ideals (Ciula, 2004, p. 179).

The idealized influence as a conduct is displayed in the charismatic actions of a leader that complements his or her values, missions and beliefs. It is also through the element that transformational leader emerges as a great role model for the subordinates (Winkler, 2010, p.41).

The second and most focal transformational leadership element is inspirational motivation. It includes conducts that express inspiring and appealing vision to followers (Lussier & Achua, 2012, p. 340). Besides challenging followers with high standards, inspirational impetus is imperative communication optimism on future goals and in offering purpose and meaning of tasks being undertaken.

A transformational leader should also possess excellent communication skills to make vision comprehensible, clear and powerful as well as interesting to ensure accomplishment of set goals.

A transformational leader should also have personalized consideration for exhibition of supportive conduct towards personal followers (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009, p. 301). Transformational leaders achieve this by attending to the needs of followers and acting as mentors for them as well as listening to personal needs and concerns. This will also offer each follower intriguing motivation to realize goals as they make efforts to make their personal development aspirations realistic.

Intellectual stimulation is the last element of a transformational leader. It focuses on the ability of a leader to help his or her followers through inspiration of their creativity of thought. Intellectual stimulation is additionally significant in nurturing and growing individuals who think on their own.



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