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Leadership Studies Essay on Leadership Skills and Change

Leadership Skills and Change


As a leader, I was delegated the duty of ascertaining that the company became successful in its transition from manual certification and operations to electronic documentation and office duties. The project however was not successful and this is mainly attributed to the fact that the masses were not ready for change. As a leader, I implemented a change that would have taken a long time before the people could effectively embrace change or get accustomed to it.

Following self-assessment, I discovered the leadership traits and characteristics that were not effective in ensuring fruitful organizational change. Here are some of the traits that I took note of and they played a crucial role in ensuring that change was not implemented successfully.

Leadership skills that hinder effective change

Not having a mutual goal with the rest of the employees or team is one of the factors that prevent implementation of change. I noted that it played a crucial role in generating failure. It is imperative to note that the primary purpose of an organization is to ensure it can sustain its operations over a long haul and remain profitable.

However, there are different ways of achieving this goal and it means that many people within the organization have varying perspectives of achieving a primary goal. In this case, while I was trying to improve company operations by ensuring it employed advanced technologies in its operations, there were other people who were not sure of its urgency.

Additionally, I did not make consultations to determine if the people were willing to eliminate traditional methods of operations. This is one of the reasons as to why I didn’t make sure that change was successfully implemented in the organization (Battilana 423). With the fact that I did not communicate with relevant employees on the transformation to electronic operations, it speaks volumes on my lack of proper communication with my colleagues.

Other team members have different opinions that can lead to a case where the adopted proposal meets internal resistance in the event where a leader does not seek or acknowledge the opinions of other people on proposed changes. It is additionally imperative to note that the leader should always ensure that change is considered positive by concerned parties as well as those who will be affected by change that the company needs to implement (Sharif  3).

My management style is additionally another issue that hinders change. This was influenced by the fact that I assumed that being in my position; I was solely responsible of leading the company in the right direction. This made me engage in over-management. At this point, I also assumed that other team members did not offer anything constructive that can make the organization successful.

This was not embraced well by the people with technical knowhow and experience on the organization’s operations as well as how they are handled. I also assumed that instant transition to technological advancement enhanced certification and it was one the directions that the organization could not take.

Even so, there were other team members that believed this could not be gradually achieved. I did not recognize such contributions and they prevented implementation of change among other factors (Jing).

Additionally, I did not anticipate the impact of change and its magnitude. As a leader, a person is always expected to have capability to foretell on how different operations could affect a team. Even so, I did not acknowledge that changing from manual certification to electronic certification could easily create a situation where many organizational elements would be affected.

Lack of foresight made me implement change hastily and even though it did have a negative impact on the organization at first, it led to unnecessary expenses and use of resources in excess. Such resources and money could have been used to enhance other company operations (Shariff 9).

What Could Have Been Done Differently

It is imperative to have mutual goals and this is something that I have come to realize. To address this issue, it is essential for a leader to understand that he or she needs to consult with different departments to ensure the entire team in the organization is focused on a specific goal. Having identified the organization’s primary objective, a leader should be able to consult with other team members and settle for the most ideal approach that can be utilized in ensuring the goals of an organization are achieved successfully.

Communication is additionally a crucial element that ensures change is harmoniously and effectively incorporated in the operations of a company. Effective communication should therefore be utilized by a leader by consulting and giving other people an opportunity to air their views in relevance to the proposed change.

A change is characterized with different effects especially on stakeholders and it means that a leader should use communication in all directions and at all levels to ensure change is efficiently executed.

Another undesirable aspect of leadership is over management. However it can be effective if rookies are engaged in the team because they need strict guidelines on company operations. The leader in this regard should also ensure that careful analysis of the effects on the company is carried when change is employed.

Failure to consider the impact on the organization can lead to a case where stakeholders are not ready for change. This can be quite devastating to the organization and it can lead to additional expenses in the process of change implementation.


Leadership Skills to ImproveGrowth Objective(s)ActivitiesPeople Who can HelpIndicators of SuccessTimeline
Find a visionTo ensure there is efficient realization of the vision for the companyDiscuss with various  team members  on the ideal approach to achieve company  vision 

Consult with different heads of department on the right approach of achieving the organizational objectives

Group members & Departmental headsEnsuring that the whole company is focused on the realization of the primary organizational goalEnsuring that within the first three months, short term goals are achieved 

Warranting that long term goals are achieved

Identify expectationsGuaranteeing the expectations of all shareholdersThe ideal identification of the belief of different team members and how they expect the transformation will affect the company operations and their performanceTeam membersThe effective implementation of change and having no negative effect on the setups of the organization.Effective transformation is employed within the anticipated time frame
Nurture collaborationEnsuring that all the team members,Supervisors,  and subordinate staff work in a collective manner to employ changeinvolving all the stakeholders actively especially those who are crucial for the successful implementation of the by offering their opinions on changesupervisors, subordinate staffTeam members and managers.Collective participation of all stakeholders concerned with the successful application of the proposed changeThe application of change should be implemented within the time frame and have no negative impact on company operations
Problem solve efficientlyAddressing all issues that arise in the implementation process and in an effective manner that will enable the organization to adapt to the processEncouraging all stakeholders to communicate any issues that they perceive may affect company operationsSupervisors, team members, , managers, and subordinate staffA collective manner of solving expected issues to be derived from the proposed transformationAll anticipated issues should be handled during the course of the transformation process.
Seek feedbackEnsuring that everyone who will be affected by the transformation is given the opportunity to highlighting his or  opinion after being informed of the proposed transformation before it is implementedAll stakeholders are encouraged to give opinions about the proposed amendment and various ways that the change can be effectively implemented within the companyAll stakeholdersStakeholders ascertaining and enlightening the team of any difficulties and also participating positively to the execution processAll the stakeholders are involved actively in the process of implementation s which should also  fall within the anticipated time frame


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