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Leadership Studies Essay on Progressive and Traditional Education

Progressive and Traditional Education

Based on my educational technology experience that focuses on enhancing education, I find that progressive education, relationships and methods, are more difficult compared to traditional education. Progressive education, widely practiced in the 20th century, mainly focused on the child. I purposed to prepare children for future life as well as the responsibilities it comes with.

Skills and information in progressive education were some of the things that were worked on, in previous years and school’s purpose was to transmit the information to young people. Standards and rules were also used in moral education by conforming to set rules and standards.

Traditional education adult sets rules and standards, methods and subject matter for young people as they grow into adulthood.  What was mainly taught in customary education was sort of finished product. This is because it did not consider how it came to be as well as future developments.

Progressive education on the other hand was a reaction against traditional learning as a way of avoiding the dogmatic nature presented by the latter.  It was additionally based on the idea of freedom as well as present and the future as opposed to traditional education that employed knowledge from past experience.

Unlike traditional learning, progressive education offered their view for practical and better education, which was centered on the child. This enabled the young to experience more based on their creativity and curiosity nature. Believing that we were educated based on experience can therefore be false because the experience may not be educative as many possibly think.

Even though progressive education is quite simple compared to traditional one, it arranges matters in an artificial way or method, thus making it complex. With such vices, new education can be quite successfully if its central ideas are cautiously addressed.

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