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Leadership Studies Essay on Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership

Situational leadership is regarded as the most ideal approach to leadership owing to its ability to fit into all the situational contexts that that require varying levels of leadership and management competencies (Cassidy & Kreitner, 2009, p.33). Based on this attribute, situational leadership has been extensively applied by leaders in the resolution of issues as a result of its flexibility. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of my former organization used this approach in offering organizational leadership, especially when it came to the management organizational change. This leadership style proved to be an incredible way of resolving issues.

Situational leadership is often referred to as inconsistent because of the flexibility of its application in various situations. With this in mind, the CEO had to pursue various avenues in order to prevent being seen as inconsistent. He was able to achieve this through the identification of the most important priorities or objectives to the accomplished based on the demands of the situation. Besides, he also looked into the readiness of his subjects (employees) by analyzing the ability and willingness of the group to concur with this leadership approach for the resolution of organizational issues. As a result of this, he applied the situational leadership style to resolve matters. The approaches in situational leadership that he often used included directing, coaching, supporting and delegating (Dyck & Neubert, 2010, p.456).

The directing style was mainly applied in the event that the employees showed that they were not very willing to undertake the assigned tasks. It involved the definition of the tasks and roles of the employees, and doing close supervision to ensure that each is successful in their areas of work. Coaching was used when the employees portrayed high level of willingness but low ability to carry out the tasks given to them. He was able to overcome this by talking his time to listen, advice, and help employees in gaining essential skills to enable them accomplish the tasks on their own in the future. The supporting style on the other hand was used when the employees showed low willingness but high abilities in accomplishing the given tasks or solving issues. This style was implemented through employee motivation and building confidence in them. However, the delegating approach was applied in the event that the employees showed willingness and high ability in successfully undertaking the assigned duties.

I would not recommend any other leadership approach to a leader since the situational approach has the ability of delivering the best results because of its flexibility of application in a variety of situations that require different levels of leadership and management competencies. I highly recommend the use of the situational leadership in resolving matters in this ever changing world.





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