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Linguistics Essay on Error Analysis and How can This Research Impact the Curriculum

Error Analysis and How can This Research Impact the Curriculum

The ability of the government and institutions of higher learning to understand the background of students is quite imperative (Gluth, 2013). The primary objective of this study is to integrate the aspects of errors made into the curriculum by second language learners. In order for the second language learners to be competent in reading and writing the target language, it is essential that the potential errors are incorporated (Gordon, 2006). Integrating the errors in the syllabus will help in improving the linguistic skills of second language learners. Besides, the second language learners will be able to familiarize themselves more with the language tutors, thereby improving the language literacy levels (Leonardi, 2010). On the other hand, the second language learners will also be able to avoid the various kinds of errors like Interlingua, inter language, and development errors. This research will add more value to the process of learning the second language since better results will be achieved (Porte, 2010). The implementation of the research is also possible within a short duration of time, and cannot go beyond three years.

Linguistics is an area of study that is quite dynamic.  A person has to read, listen, speak and write a language correctly (Saville-Troike, 2012). This can be achieved through a systematic learning process. Numerous efforts have been made towards correcting linguistic errors in the past; however, none is focused on the analysis of errors and incorporating them into the syllabus (Song, 2012). The background of the learner is of great importance, and second language learners benefit more if the tutor has a better understanding of them and also associates more with them. The analysis of errors and its effect on the curriculum will fill answer the questions in linguistics (Wetzorke, 2010). For these errors to be eradicated, errors analysis is important in all learning institutions. Besides, the government and the institutions of higher learning have to ascertain all the effects of these errors on the curriculum.

The methods that will be used include interviewing students, ascertaining all kinds of errors that are made by these students, and establishing the causes of these errors (Song, 2012). Besides, there will also be a critical examination of the viable solutions that are available. The solutions to the research question would be holding remedial classes for the students. This will significantly help the students in obtaining the linguistic skills that are critical in learning a second language (Gordon, 2006). In order for the research to be successful, the students also be given questionnaires to fill in. This will assist in obtaining more information about errors analysis. The most ideal design for the project would be to approach the students in person and establish their thoughts on the research question (Porte, 2010). Besides, it is also important that course tutors and education authorities are interviewed.

The strategy of the research project would be obtaining the help of a research firm, or volunteers as interns in a research company that handles the collection of Linguistic data (Leonardi, 2010). This will offer more information concerning the linguistic aspects of the University of King Abdalzize. Besides, the government and course tutors will also give more additional information on the research project. There are several challenges that can be experienced in the research project. One of them is lack of cooperation from the respondents (Gluth, 2003). In order to address this challenge, it is important that the interviewer is persuasive and also know how to establish a rapport with the interviewees. Besides, resources may also be inadequate for the entire research (Saville-Troike, 2012). In order to address this, the education authorities may also play a role in the research project. Error analysis and its effect on the curriculum are of great concern in all learning institutions across the globe.



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