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Linguistics Essay on Rhetorical Features

Rhetorical Features

The religious text is ardent on the benefits of praising Allah. Therefore, it encourages individuals to worship him while warning other people against the effects or consequences of not doing so. To pass this message, there are different rhetorical features that have been employed including the use of positive self-representation, proverbs, antithesis and pathos as described below.

People have been taught on the significance of listening to Allah’s words using proverbs as it is stated those who refuse his teachings will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless a camel goes through the needle’s eye. The proverb is used to warn individuals of eternal punishment they will suffer during judgment day because of their disobedience of his teachings (Surat al-A’far, 40).

Antithesis involves the use of the opposite term in a sentence as it has been used to contrast those who worship and those who do not worship Allah. His worshippers have a building based on his goodness while the building of the others is falling into fire with them (Surat-at-Tawba, 109).

Additionally, there is a constructive representation of the writer among other Allah worshippers because they are compared to a land on a hill where they will be rained on constantly following his blessings and even in the event of difficulty, they will still receive blessings from him and cannot be bare (Surat al-Baqara 265).

Those who do not worship Allah are also in contrast bearing a negative image and are compared to dogs lacking self-control and solely rely on instinct. This was used to show that life without Allah is a life that should not be emulated and it is without thought. Therefore, the story is used as an example to other people to those who think about their lives’ direction or where they are headed to (Surat-al-Araf 146).

Pathos is also used to capture reader’s emotions by declaring that those that do not worship Allah are entitled to a difficult life with its comparison being icy wind upon crops. This is also used to create fear in others who refuse Allah teachings. The wind is cold and runs crops therefore; it shows how individuals will ruin their lives if they abandon Allah.

The unity and love that comes from bonding with Allah is compared to the love between brothers just to show how deep the love is and to make the developed community of worshippers’ relationship appear stronger (Surah al-Imram 103). Additionally, there is emotional appeal used to depict how believers shrunken in fear when they were required to fight for Allah.

They were afraid to defend Allah and when the time came, they said that a messenger had been sent to look for someone who is almost fainting and one who has death on him. This shows just how much the thought of fighting for Allah created fear in them and it makes the reader understand how cowardice is indeed something that should not be entertained or valued in a true believer (Surah Muhammad, 20-21).

Rhetorical features used in text to pass across a message of obedience to the teachings of Allah and submission to his commands even with death threat are many. Antithesis, proverbs, pathos and positive self-representation are some of the features that have been utilized to convey this message. With more studies on the same, more rhetorical features will also be found as the message of the texts is interpreted further.

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