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Literature Essay on Specimen Days

Specimen Days

Crucial points of views are raised including trauma oddness in relation to Michel Cunningham novel, ‘‘Specimen Days’’. The author in his book is more interested in post-traumatic effects and tries to relate it with loss in the mechanization period. He also associates it with migration, displacement and homeliness, characteristics which were quite common of Americans. Therefore, he writes from the view of exotic specimen.

Cunningham in this book links three features. He depicts a twelve year old boy’s story in the first episode who is possessed of the idea that machines seduce people to death following the death of his brother in an industrial accident. The author in the second story, he talks about a children crusade where young children are sent out to people randomly to explode the bombs they are carrying. In the third phase, Cunningham talks of a multi ethnic park that is inhabited by worldly beings and aliens.

Similarly, the author in his story offers the contemporary U.S society critique. The three stories feature three sets of characters including a child, a woman and a man who despite their various experiences and nuances, maintain same attributes and almost same names Whitman (2002). Cunningham by examining each incident emphasizes on dedication of Whitman to fighting social injustices of the time.

Therefore, the book provides a transformative the direction of US destiny of exceptional power today.

The notion that people and entire universe are linked together as emphasized by the author poses the question as to whether different groups have similar features. At some point Cunningham empathizes with every person and according to him, there is nothing like insignificant lives. He also considers everyone important despite the nature of his work status. Even so, critics argue that the work of Cunningham does not affect or a reality justification since his Walt Whiteman reference lacked universal experiences.

Whitman according to them was the pioneer of illegitimate conspiracy and that her experiences were limited to a single structure that was just but a site abusing the rights of workers. Cunningham in his book introduces the novel with Whitman epigraph reference because his work was based on the experiences during the Whitman period. The narrative’s intellect also follows a reverse progress often referring to a typical poet therefore, appreciating its traditional power.

Referring to the work of Whiteman, we follow his steps and therefore, appreciate transformation. Both literally work offered transformative and interpretive societies that grow from the past, present and into the future.

In Cunningham’s book, Whitman’s quote is included. The author by urge depicts a stable and scornful need for a society that embraces just treatment for all human beings (Whitman, 1971). The quote is significant in the book as the author bases all his argument from the central theme. He disguises around three episodes in history to depict the events of the time as well as its relationships to the present.

The machine episode for instance offers a very strong conviction to having surrounding that is safe for work. The second episode modifies it to widespread terrorism fear while the third episode leads to post-human separation. Cunningham in these episodes shows his concern for individuals’ lives, and as it advances, it leads to increased consciousness of fragmented societies.

In respect to the use of quote, the author believes that humanity should ensure togetherness and the fact that differences should be a cause of isolation. Cunningham in the book starts with modernization, the machine, only with a purpose of revolutionizing it. The character in this episode also moves from despising a machine to accepting it thus, equipment trade features with beings. Cunningham also puts the subject into perspective with absence or presence the lies on a death wish.

Cunningham’s literal work in conclusion offers the basis under which we comprehend Whitman’s poetry. By basing his experience on three human unjustifiable treatment episodes, we can understand the transformations that have occurred. Despite critics, his book offers a clear insight into a new and enhanced society based on equality.





Whitman, W. (20002). Specimen days. Boston: DR Godine.

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