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Despite the fact that many company projects include various stakeholders, concerned parties, the director with a significant financial impact, personal dedication and political influence to oversee completion of a project is the sponsor of the project. As a matter of fact, there are sponsor activities related to the success of a project completion. Even so, little research incredibly tries to authenticate and recognize a set of conducts by the sponsor that are essential for execution of a project successfully.

Applying a database of a project that was previous reputable, hazard prevention and mitigation of policies enhanced by modified literature study, Kloppenborg, Tesch, Manolis and Heitkamp (2006) assessed and classified behaviors related to the role of a project sponsor in project initiation in their article, An empirical investigation of sponsor’s role in project initiation.

The scale of their exploratory research study includes project acknowledgement of project sponsor associated conducts, prioritizing and authenticating the conduct of the sponsor while implementing a reputable process, empirically validating the conducts and assessing the project sponsors connection conducts with various dimensions of the projects success empirically.

Even if, a project sponsor is identified by many project management research studies as an essential stakeholder in different projects as emphasized in the article, there is still insufficient study relating to the role of sponsors in ensuring success of the project. A project’s sponsor is mainly considered responsible for supplies. This is clear in the sponsor’s description as stated in the article, ‘‘the person or group that offers financial resources in cash or in kind, for the project’’ (Kloppenborg et al., 2006, p. 16).

The project manager is additionally known as the risk bearer for whom the project is carried out. Describing the development and success of the project however involves making sure that its strategic worth is conveyed as well as description of the operations expectations of the projects manager. Task initiation guidelines can help contributors of the project to keep the value of the project in mind from the beginning to the end.

Such a move is in line with market allocations as well as business success. Guiding the project executive encompass helping the manager to understand where the project stands or sections that need intense scrutiny (Blomquist, Hallgren, Nilsson, & Soderholm, 2010). It could also appear that a project’s manager’s understanding of the way in which a project is related with its future success and the knowledge of his or her operations are being thoroughly checked would be associated to the success of the project.

In short, 6 sponsor conduct features exist and if employed at the beginning of a project, they are related to the success results (Kloppenborg et al., 2006). However, out of the six features, two of them guiding the manager of the project and identifying project performance and success are connected with the resulting procedures.

They seem to be very crucial sponsor conducts and the other four (creating communications and dedication, defining and supporting the project, prioritizing the project and choosing or setting up development group) are closely linked to at least one result feature. The six aforementioned aspects alongside the things that consists the aspects outlined in the article have to be a project manager’s normal practices.

The piece by Kloppenborg at al. (2006) relate to Project Management because the management includes inspiring, systemizing and resources handling to achieve set objectives. In the article, systemizing, inspiring and planning are also handled in areas of project initiation under the strategy while sponsors provide resources handled by development managers.



Blomquist, T., Hällgren, M., Nilsson, A., & Söderholm, A. (2010). Project‐as‐practice: In search of project management research that matters. Project Management Journal, 41(1), 5-16.

Kloppenborg, T. J., Tesch, D., Manolis, C., & Heitkamp, M. (2006). An empirical investigation of the sponsor’s role in project initiation. Project Management Journal, 37(3), 16-25.


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