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Management Essay on Core Analysis and Example

Core Analysis and Example

Core values in human resource management

The qualities and characteristics considered to be worthwhile, representation of a company’s highest priorities and driving forces are known as values. Every employee in many cases has personal values that he or she brings to a company. Employees mingle at place work and create an organization or a culture. Many establishments embrace value statements which in most cases, are generated from the values.

The statements define behaviors and relationships amongst employees in a company. They also outlay how a company should handle communities, stakeholders and clients. Value statements for this reason, are imperative for the success of human resources management.

In the Brock and Buckley piece, different recommendations have been put in place to ensure successful and effective human resource management. Other human resource management core values are also enhanced from the recommendations including competency, quality, efficiency, ethical and equality.

The core values are related and attached therefore, they work hand in hand to ensure effective operations. This article also recommends human resource managers to employ competent, updated, and ethical and professional team. These values on their own when embraced, allows an organization to get the best from its employees despite the kind of work or job assigned.

As human resource management team carries on with their selection, placement, recruitment, performance appraisal, administration of payoffs and job analysis, they display the core competency values, ethical, equality, high quality and efficiency. The purpose of such a value is to ensure an ideal human resource management team as well as well reputed organization based on its outstanding performance from efficient employees.

Human Resource Management in UAE Government

The UAE government in my organization, the recommendations by Brock and Buckley are included in the human resource management. The endorsements reflect in the mission, vision, and an organization’s core objectives. For example, one of UAE missions is enhancing employee abilities of the organization. This is in relevance to the endorsements.

Secondly, the UAE government employs a context based on behavioral aptitude in the hiring process in line with the Brock and Buckley’s first recommendation. The endorsement contends that ‘‘measure the value of your human capital, to manage, develop and cultivate it’’. The organization forms competency classes of staff as a way of creating a culture for them and valuing them. This is very crucial in meeting future challenges.

The use of aptitude framework in the UAE government is also a fulfillment of the endorsement because it allows for clarification of development needs, performance expectations, reliability of the hiring process and it creates the reputation of an organization. Competency also creates a foundation of effective and consistent performance evaluation strategy.

Brock and Buckley’s endorsements are also very efficient in UAE’s human resource management. This is because they are implemented via an aptitude framework ensuring successful implementation of employee development, training, career development, performance management, selection, recruitment, hiring and selection. The endorsements as applied in UAE human resource management also define professionalism standards for all employees in the organization.

They also enable an organization to achieve its objectives and to support their effectiveness and culture. The endorsements for this reason are very effective human resources management tools in the UAE.

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