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Management Essay on Environmental Problems at the Hilton

Environmental Problems at the Hilton

Work environment at the Hilton

The Hilton is distinguished for its services globally. The Hilton like any other ordinary organization is characterized with different departments that discharge various duties effectively as per its objectives. As an employee at the hotel, I faced many challenges that call for urgent redress to avoid their growth into obstructions against the realization of my objectives as well as that of the organization.

Hilton, principally, hires peoples from different ethnic and social backgrounds, which, poses a great challenge when it comes to uniting its employees. The challenges grow beyond multiethnic and social dimensions thus affecting other management units in the company (Enz, 2010, p.89). The human resource team at the hotel also has a significant duty of ensuring everything is carried out based on set objectives of the company. It is therefore, the management’s obligation to ensure all activities are steered towards the success of the Hilton.

Preliminary statements also express different operational challenges for the hotel, in an effort to deliver its dutiful mandate. The first and prime environmental cum operational task is related to matrix diversity. At the Hilton, the multiethnic workforce leads to harmonization problems especially on social understanding issues. Lack of social coherence on the other hand amongst staff members leads to the most prominent challenge for the Hilton organization.

My experience at the Hotel included witnessing different cases where employees differ on social account and related issues. These have prevented smooth flow in employee performance as well the organization’s stability. Additionally, failure to generate a common understanding based on individual stereotypes is even worse compared to financial crisis that the Hilton could encounter. This is because; it endangers the efficacy of long term operations at the Hilton organization.

Integration and cohesion issues also represent an impending disaster at the Hilton. This is because it has led to unforeseen outright discrimination and animosity (D’Annunzio-Green, Maxwell, & Watson, 2004, p. 282). The social matrix also extends its religious differences, another issue that the Hilton workplace faces. Religious discrimination is also socially unethical and it should be halted once realized.

Besides the above issue, the working environment generates problems on social welfare for the employees. This refers to ostensible care that a company grants to its staff. The Hilton has not managed this issue efficiently because many employees outcry for better working environment, which they assert is not present in the organization. Additionally, management laxity and more specifically on the human resource division has made the situation more deplorable.

The Hilton Company management according to latest employee reports has made little efforts in ensuring good social welfare for its employees; instead, it has worsened the condition. Workers confederation of the Hilton efforts has since been futile and no significant achievements have been realized. The social welfare of staff needs realization of ideal frameworks where they feel contended with working conditions and payments offered by the company.

Absence of essential work incentives means more problems with two functional forces entering in endless war of disputes and authority (D’Annunzio-Green, Maxwell, & Watson, 2004, p. 284). Low pace of salary increment is however one of the social welfare issues that have struck Hilton notably in regards to diminuendos of the industry. The issue also constitutes main agenda that sometimes crippled the operations of the organization as employees engage in demonstrations and strikes.

Workers have also settled for sit in models besides regular strikes where they do not offer their maximum productivity in their assignments. The degree of plight of workers also poses a significant challenge for the company and it has in one way led to Hilton’s poor performance. Therefore, corrective measures are essential and they should be employed to address the issues, which have adverse impact on the performance of the organization.

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