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Management Essay on Help People about CBRM

Help People about CBRM

Many students have escaped from schools due to inadequate support from communities, family members and schools. Others quit learning because of personal drawbacks that include poor backgrounds or crime. There are also those who quit learning because of learning disabilities (Hunnicutt, 2009). These facets mean that when students leave school in any of these circumstances they cannot access proper academic help and information.

Consequently, they are unable to find the means that are required to provide for themselves and to continue the process of their lives. This is followed by engagement in bad activities that include stealing (Hunnicutt, 2009). The intention of Thermoplastic Trading Inc. is to include such individuals in activities that aim at protecting the environment and to enable them to get employment opportunities.

Our plan is to offer support on long term basis to learners who quit school due to unbearable circumstances. This will enable them to realize full potential. For the latter goal to be realized, personal empowerment should be promoted and encouraged. Capital and resources should also be provided and leadership skills entrenched. Our goal is to enable people who do not complete school to get job opportunities and also to conserve the environment. Our goal is to consider the rising juvenile population in the community and help them so that they can formulate strategies that will enable them to overcome the challenges that they face. We are looking for other means of assisting young people.

For example, Thermoplastic Trading, Inc will organize seminars and workshops for juveniles. Youths will be taught on the way they should interact with one another and also learn important lessons about protecting the environment. These lessons will equip youths with interpersonal and livelihood skills. Additionally, in terms of livelihood skills, we will equip young people with skills and knowledge on how to recycle plastic bags. Thus, Juveniles should attend the seminars and workshops. The acquired skills are important because they help juveniles avoid criminal actions. In addition, the acquired knowledge can be used in seeking employment later and enable them earn income. Once we do this, we will shape the perception of the society towards eco-friendly products. Therefore, Thermoplastic Trading Inc urges all community members to come together and participate in the activities of protecting the environment.

However, we wish to pledge our unrelenting commitment to enabling individuals who quit learning because of unavoidable circumstances, learning disability or poor background get employment opportunities. However, we share deep concerns with you about reduced job opportunities more so for individuals who have limited education. Our assurance is that our vigilance in protecting our environment will engage youths in worthy activities.

While expressing our commitment to environmental protection, we offer youth’s job opportunities. We also apologize to the youths who quit learning under situations that we may have helped. This ought not to happen again in the future since we will empower and help the youth.

The commitment of Thermoplastic Trading Inc is full time and our officers are always ready to listen to the youth. Since inception, Thermoplastic Trading Inc has been providing thermoplastic materials only to factories and wholesalers (Zu, 2009). Nevertheless, we are now playing a role in promoting the use of environmental-friendly products. This integrates the plastic bags in garbage and changing the way the community uses thermoplastic products that are friendly to the environment. Therefore, we urge young people to come out and help us in realizing our mission and goals. Youths will be equipped with invaluable skills and knowledge that they can apply in their endeavors in the future. Additionally, we provide the youth an opportunity for doing something constructive instead of engaging in criminal activities.



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