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Individual Behavior

I have always had difficulties in understanding the difference between personality and individual behaviors. Despite this, I have always heard people mention the two and how important they are to business organization. From my readings and studies, I have always understood that individual behaviors simply refer to the patterns of how various people respond to the different types of stimuli. These stimuli may include culture, attitude, values, authority, and genetics. What I failed to understand from my readings was the correlation between these individual behavior and personality. To me, these two were the same thing, although in reality I felt people were using them differently. It was more confusing to me; after all, I did not see the importance of all that. However, that was before attending this class on individual behaviors.

Attending the classes on the individual behavior has helped to understand the concept in details. It has helped me to become familiar with the issues of individual behaviors and how this concept influences the success of most managers and employees. This is especially those that pay a keen interest in the topic with a special focus to succeed and utilize available opportunities.

During the lesson, I was much attracted to the section that talked about personality. The definition was quite clear and the lecturer’s illustration gave a clear understanding of what personality is. At the end of the class, I was able to relate my new understanding of personality to my understanding about individual behavior. In fact, this has formed the basis of this reflection paper.

After a clear understanding of the idea of individual behavior, I now appreciate its importance, especially to the managers in organizations. Some of the areas where individual behaviors play a role include the way they will perform their task as well as their attendance. It also determines the general relationship at the work. To the managers, I have realized that a clear understanding of the individual behavior would determine the way the motivation would be done within the organization.

I have come to realize that the individual behavior is greatly influenced by the person and the environment. According to my understanding of the lesson, the environment includes an organization, a work group, a job, or a personal life. On the other hand, the person includes the skills and abilities of the person, the attitudes, values, ethics, and personality as well as perceptions.

Of all the above factors, personality is the most crucial factor. In fact, I have learned that there are five personality traits that influence the individual behavior. These include extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, openness to experience and agreeableness. These traits are influenced by both the nature and the nurturing process. The nature comes in because most of the traits are hereditary. However, nurturing plays a role through socialization, learning, and life experiences.

Individual behavior plays a big role in the organizational behavior. Therefore, examining the effects of persons, business, and groups’ behaviors within organizations is important. This should be done with an aim of using the information towards the improvement of the organization’s success. In order to achieve this, one has to apply the Five –Factor Personality model. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has to be used to measure the personality traits. The Personality characteristics that are essential to the organization are then encouraged.

In summary, the lesson, as well as the readings have helped me to understand and appreciate the effect of personality on individual behavior. Furthermore, they have helped me to understand the importance of personality in organizations.

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