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Strategies for Handling Confrontational Situations

  1. There are three crucial approaches suitable for handling confrontational circumstances in organizations. They include control, solution oriented and non-confrontational strategies. I consider solution oriented strategy as the most ideal approach to employ in a disagreement, argument or conflict. This is because it focuses on the identifying the root cause of an issue, conflict, argument or disagreement before giving parties involved any attention.

The values, principles and ethics on an organization play a crucial role in confrontational situations. For example, companies with no value, respect, ethics and other guiding principles and rules are not in a position of creating an ideal working environment. Therefore, if employees in such companies get into confrontational conditions, without proper measures, control or temperament management, competitive behavior, intensive anger coupled with over-confidence can easily generate unjust competition, rivalry and a distressing working environment.

Employees who expect other people to consider their ideas and give in to their thoughts without comprehending details involved like benefiting at the expense of other workers or winning.  On the contrary, confident individuals are in a position to control their temper and anger levels engage in discussions to create a common ground under which, a company can benefit from. The solution oriented strategy also focuses on settling for a common ground for all company employees, thus, enhancing understanding and cooperation. In the end, no one will feel irrelevant or ignored.

I also find the control strategy hard to employ in a company set-up specifically. This is because it aims at achieving, winning or benefiting from a conflict, problem, disagreement or problem without focusing on the desires and needs harbored by the organization. Given the fact that a company represents an environment which individuals cooperate, relegations and rules are imperative to facilitate cordial relationships and to ensure they are achieved and maintained.

Therefore, to achieve something, win or benefit from controversial situations, the strategy employs specific regulations and rules. Nonetheless, it can be hard to implement in the event where employees are ignorant of regulations and rules, more specifically, if they consider the necessities as irrelevant and conflicting with the prevailing situation.

For the rules and regulations to be efficient and effective, concerned parties need to reach an agreement to respect, obey and adhere to them to ensure the organization’s continuity.

  1. My personality and traits on a personal level advocates for the solution-oriented strategy. I choose to focus on the issue as opposed to disagreeing, arguing or generating more fights while ensuring a cordial and harmonious relationship with my rivals. If I get into a disagreement, conflict, debate or argument with a family member, friend or colleague, I use the same strategy.

I believe in maintaining respect, peace, understanding and creating an environment which everyone is comfortable to provide his or her ideas, opinions and beliefs. I also treasure and respect my family and friends therefore, the solution oriented method is ideal in my case because it focuses on achieving mutual benefits.

In regards to my relationships with colleagues, I also believe in working and realizing my objectives within the company through mutual advantages, respect and relationships even though the relationships may be casual or official.

  1. In every situation in the event of, conflict, argument, debate or disagreement, I chose to focus on the issue. A confrontational situation cannot be settled unless the issue is identified. Focusing on the problem as a matter of fact ensures that an ideal solution is formulated and implemented. For instance, if my rival is willing to engage in teamwork in creating and implementing the solution, I offer total support and attention. However, if he or she is not willing, I settle to walk away or seek advice from my seniors in the organization.

I also believe that other problems are worth walking away from as opposed to facing and escalating situation into severe confrontational issue because it can generate vengeful relationships, hate and resentment.

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