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Management Essay on Motivation Theories

Motivation Theories


Motivation entails readiness to establish high effort attitude in achieving the objectives of the organization. Attaining a company’s objective and meeting its requirements as well as those of the workforce is usually a challenge for some administrators in different organizations. According to Thorndike’s (1911) effort law, where positive rewards or consequences have been realized from past efforts, individuals are likely to repeat the actions and avoid repeating those which had negative consequences (Armstrong, 200, p. 39). The aim of this paper is to address motivation theories as well as practices that enable individuals to achieve Hospital goals.

Alderfers ERG theory

An individual’s focus on relatedness, development and survival serves as the instrument in a specific job category and this boosts production and self-confidence. It entails comprehension of issues that affect the conduct of a person and seems to be the natural causes of engagement of a person in specific actions. The concern of a survival group is presenting essential material for survival necessities. This comprises of the things that Maslow classified as security and physiological desires (Armstrong, 200, p. 50). Interconnection is another needs’ grouping. This is the longing that people have when it comes to the preservation of important interpersonal relations. Growth needs are segregated by Alderfer as the built-in desire for personal improvement. Two staff members of my team are ambitious to be promoted and they work harder once this is acknowledged through either a promotion or salary increment.

Herzberg’s theory

This explains any why job substance tends to cause employment contentment. If certain factors are not present in a job, discontent arises among the workforce. Discontented employees can limit production. Their concern is not to work hard to deliver quality job. The contented employees on the other had work hard in order to increase production. Production cannot be limited. It is only apprehended to satisfactory levels. This implies that a discontented workforce will confine productivity. In relation to Al Ain Hospital, the workforce seems dissatisfied. Therefore, going by Herzberg’s theory the initial step should be to eliminate job discontentment. Competitive wage should be ensured by issuing proper overtime payment as well as providing supportive and effective supervision.

Maslow’s Theory

A hierarchy of five desires is used by Maslow to discuss motivation as follows;

Physiological needs include food, water and a comparatively warm body (Armstrong, 2000, p. 75). ii) Safety needs, these include anything that describes the desire for a safe and secure environment by a person. This increases production. (iii) Love, belongingness and affection needs. These entail receiving and giving affection, love and feeling for belonging in an organization. This is applied by rewarding the employees who work hard. (iv)Esteem needs which are satisfied when the first three categories of needs are satisfied. They include self-esteem and esteem that comes from other people. Human beings need resolutely-based, evaluated and steady admiration and respect from the other people. (V) Self-actualization needs which are satisfied after the other needs are satisfied. According to Maslow, self-actualization is the need of an individual to accomplish and to be what he/she was born to accomplish.

Applicability of the theories

Motivation is important when dealing with workers in order to achieve productivity in a company. Employees who feel that they belong to a company are motivated and this increases productivity which leads to the realization of the objectives of the company. Thus, these theories are important for all employees.


These theories provide an explanation for the needs that are desired by the employees. It is a managerial culture that produces values and principles that are carried by the human resource while preparing smooth operations in their businesses. Relations among the workforce are important and that is what public relations should emphasize on.



Armstrong, M., & Armstrong, M. (2000). Strategic human resource management: A guide to action. London: Kogan Page.

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