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Management Essay on Motivation Theory

Motivation Theory

When designing a motivation theory, one has to keep in mind situational needs among other factors. According to the proponents of theory, a person’s environment influences an individual’s drive. Therefore, the provision of an ideal environment especially in the workplace to keep workers motivated (Elmi, Nimran & Musadieq, 2013). Even so, critics argue that the theory is influenced by the character and elements of an individual.

While citing the inadequacies of past theories, motivation theory cannot be explained by one model. The single model can include variables that are crucial to any kind of motivational theory. Such variables include job features, attributes and workers psychological states.

Inspiring workers is the most complex task for the management in the workplace. Even so, with the use of job design, staff engagement and a company’s reward system can be very useful in motivation of employees. The management should therefore ensure that they align individual characteristics with individual jobs (MacKinnon, 200).

Employee engagement should also be encouraged via delegation of duties. Despite monetary compensation being one of the best motivators, personal growth opportunities should also be provided. For instance, if a person is motivated by self-actualization desire, they may not pursue monetary rewards as an appealing factor.

An individual’s sensitivity towards others on affects his conduct in organizations (Abraham, Diederik & Joanne, 2002).  A person who disagrees often with others may also be demoralized from undertaking group tasks. A worker who desires greater control in the workplace will also be motivated compared to the one without such control. Therefore, the culture of a company can be utilized to determine motivation.

Managers should also cut down on tasks assigned to staff and offer social interaction opportunities. This leads to positive change in the company. In conclusion, the fulfillment of staff needs and provision of growth opportunities inspires employees. Furthermore, evaluation of personal characteristics, abilities and skills is vital in determining the most ideal motivational model.

Additionally, changing the culture of an organization helps to enhance opinions of staff members of the workplace environment and in the end, increase the motivation levels subsequently.



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