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Management Essay on Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

  1. Besides new operational procedures, what other planned or unplanned changes would you suspect are responsible for the employee’s negative responses or resistance to change?

Whenever negative responses or complains arise from employees because of changes in a company, the primary cause is often improbability of new or various operating processes. Some unintended or intended changes may cause negative responses. These include lack of good communication of the changes to staff and lack of workers inclusion in the process, thus leading to their dissatisfaction.

This also means that workers do not comprehend what is expected of them in the process. Lack of employee inclusion in the change process in most cases enhances employee’s feelings that they are not part of the change. Additionally, lack of quality employee training leads to failure of understanding based on the application of new processes.

  1. What barriers of change are likely to be encountered in this situation, and what steps would you propose to overcome them?

The most common obstacles in organizational change that can be witnessed in this case include cultural, psychological and social barriers. Social barriers include discordancy of new developments with workers, their job methodologies and strategies because of lack of contribution or participation of employees in the change process.

Changes to the current system may also generate resistance, thus, cultural barrier. A new system calls for demonstration of its benefits especially in relevance to how good it is compared to the present system. Contrariwise, when there is lack of explanation or communication on reasons for new changes, psychological hurdles occur. To overcome such barriers, I would strongly recommend the use of effective communication, inclusion of employees and competitive preparation in the change process (Axelrod, 2002).

  1. Do you think that an OD intervention would help in this case? If so, which one (ones) do you propose, and why?

Organization development mediations would be necessary in enhancing and promoting change effectiveness in this case. Samples include the use of team building, quality programs, management by goals and others. Management by goals includes setting the objectives of the organization as a joint strategy between management team and employees. The quality of employee and client satisfactory is also a success factor.

Team building is also a representative of a crucial factor in the effectiveness of performance or change processes. Such interventions are essential because they allow for quality employee involvement.

  1. Determine the implications (the so what or why did this matter) for you as a present or future manager integrating the organizational behavior concepts

The issue of negative or resistant response to changes shoulders a crucial level of significance for me as a future boss. The know-how on different factors that lead to interventions, barriers and resistance to change is therefore valuable in my preparation for effective and successful practices as a boss in the future (Wirth, R. (2004). I will employ this skill where necessary in my operations for effective resolution of common management issues and to ascertain high productivity in the organization.



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