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Management Essay on Performance Appraisal Methods

Performance Appraisal Methods

The organized and systematic way of evaluating the performance of individuals in their respective duties based on set targets is known as performance appraisal. The evaluator ranks the performance of an individual and communicates the results as to whether they met set targets or not. A college professor will therefore apply different student methods of appraisal to evaluate the success of learning.

Graphic Rating Scale Method

Graphic rating scale method is one of the simplest and popular methods of performance appraisal that assigns scores on the traits of an individual based on how the evaluator sees them. The evaluator for instance can assign scores based on confidentiality degrees, where one may be used to represent low confidentiality degree, while five may be used to mean the highest confidentiality.

The scores given to each characteristic are then summed up and different people are given position as per total grades. This form of performance appraisal is common in evaluation of personnel occupying different positions, to determine an employee with satisfactory traits. It can also be applied in medical field to appraise medics by assessing unique features that one possesses.


Performance appraisal for a Medical doctor

Accomplishes duties with integrity1.
Overly result oriented1.
Treats people ethically1.
Contributes to the hospital objectives1.
Owns the job results1.
Demonstrates proficiency1.
Good communicator1.
Demonstrates confidence1.
Time conscious1.


Advantages and disadvantages of forced distribution appraisal methods to a college profession

Forced distribution appraisal method defines a way of proportional evaluation where an assessor ranks junior staff based on a given distribution. It is a performance appraisal method widely used to assess different routines in various sectors. Additionally, it does not rank by giving people numeric positions that would identify best performing person as top position and the worst performer as the last. Therefore, it can be utilized in college by tutors and professors to rank performance of students in extracurricular activities and in education.

The professor can rank a student’s performance based on specific ranges including fractions, percentages and groups. This may include ranking the performance of an individual in terms of less than average, low, average, high performers and higher than average, therefore, no given student can claim to be the greatest performer.

This performance appraisal method for the students can affect the morale of students negatively because they may feel that they are not fairly recognized based on their performance because group rankings are used as opposed to individual positions. The method may also generate pressure amongst students because low ranked students can build strained relationships with those ranked higher.

The method is however beneficial because it employs a common strategy to rate the performance of students. It does not discriminate against pupils by employing different positioning approach. However, it leads to stiff competition amongst students as they aim for top positions which, in the long run, enhance their performance.


It is clear that different types of companies use different types of performance appraisal when they focus at ranking the performance of relevant parties. Methods of appraisal include graphic rating scales and forced distribution, enabling a company to differentiate the performance of interested parties. Therefore, a college professor can employ forced distribution in ranking performance of students based on how they score in different tests. Even though this strategy encourages better performance amongst students to be ranked top, it also makes them feel that their efforts are not appreciated justly.

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