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Marketing Essay on Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Consumer products refer to goods that have successfully gone through the entire production process and are readily available for consumption. These products generally fall under four categories which include convenience, shopping, specialty, and unsought products. People normally purchase commodities based on different internal and the external forces that grab consumer attention depending on individual needs. Therefore, the choice of consumer products is commonly pegged to the marketing considerations.

Convenience products refer to the commodities that people use in everyday life, and these may include bread and milk. They fall under a wide range of essential products that people purchase on a routine basis hence their prices are usually low.These products can often be found in many places, and they are thus readily available. Taste, availability, and prior experience of the consumer, are the most common market considerations that influence the consumer when purchasing such convenience products. The second category of consumer products are the shopping products and these tend to be quite expensive as well as durable in comparison to convenience products. Furniture, microwaves, and TVs fall under this category and since they are generally purchased in lower volumes their price tags are usually higher. When it comes to purchase of shopping products, market considerations such as advertisements, peer pressure, price, and durability normally affect the consumer decision.

Luxury goods are the main products that fall under the specialty category. These goods are very expensive and although they are not a necessity, they heavily influence the social status of the consumer. They are purchased very rarely hence are sold in limited places. Consumers of these products focus on the price and the brand name of the product. Such products may include luxuries such as Ferrari cars, dresses from Dior, and Gucci products. The last category is the unsought products, and most goods that fall under this category are usually undesirable to purchase. Companies that deal with unsought products spend a lot of time to market them and create a public awareness. These products may include commodities, such as stuffs related to funeral services, insurance products, and people often purchase these products based on their personal  situations hence there is a personal limitation in purchasing them.

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