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Marketing Essay on Small business e-marketing campaign

Small business e-marketing campaign

E – Marketing

Industrialization in most of the sectors in different countries, has led to a number of more advanced measures being initiated to boost the levels of sales. These measures are skillfully chosen to make sure that the strategy adopted translates into the desired goals. Among the key transformations that result from adoption of more advanced and sophisticated technologies is the utilization of the internet for various commercial activities. The internet platform is constantly gaining importance in most of the productive companies because of the wide coverage that it enjoys. E – Marketing is one of the major achievements that have been made possible by the internet platforms. E – Marketing is the employment of the internet in promotional activities.

Organizations have adopted this strategy so as to achieve a competitive advantage in different industries of operation. These developments, will enable the organizations to easily achieve both the short term and long-term goals that they have designed. In most cases, public awareness with regard to the existence of the organization will be effectively achieved as a result of this strategy (Sheehan, 2010, p. 399). This is because e-marketing facilitates the effective display of organization’s commodities in various sites that are popularly accessed by the potential customers. Online platforms and procedures can also be adopted by firms that permit potential clients to place purchase orders of their desired products and services. The platform is a tool that firms can employ to increase the sales levels that they intend to realize. There are varied aspects of e-marketing that organizations will incorporate with the aim of realizing their desired objectives. Some of these aspects may include mass e-mail communication, website development among other important things. This paper will therefore majorly center on the e-marketing strategies in order to assess their effectiveness(Sheehan, 2010, p. 329).

When developing the activities to be assumed in the e – marking plans, there is need to employ many experts so as to effectively outdo the rival companies in the industry. The competitors will be placed centrally in these adoptions and the key concepts concerning the competing companies and industries shall be adopted when coming up with the appropriate plans to undertake. In most cases, the measures undertaken by the firm must be more superior to those utilized by the rival firms. In the event that there are restrictions in terms of the strategies to be considered, more efforts should be geared towards enhancing improvements of the adoptions.

The development of an effective website is a vital measure when engaging in e-marketing and this is mainly because the site provides an array of information about the firm. The aspect of the activities that the organization is involved in must be properly outlined for easy access by many other individuals. This enhances the importance of the site to the potential customers as it easily relays information relating to provides and services to them(Sheehan, 2010, p. 120). A lot of expertise should therefore be put in place by the management of the organization when designing the website for the company to ensure that it provides relevant and appropriate information as desired. If well designed, the site will be very instrumental in increasing the volume of sales realized by the institution. In case the organization increases the qualities of its products, the changes will be posted on the website of the firm for customer access. Moreover, the site will be an important avenue for promoting the public image of the organization. In some instances, firms can also integrate purchase procedures by using their respective websites.

A good website will often allow clients to place their orders and effectively communicate to the company on matters regarding the delivery of the commodity. By including these unique aspects in the website, a firm can easily gain competitive advantage over its rivals. For example, online payment procedures such as the use of PayPal can be incorporated through the use of the website to ease payments for commodities. This move will therefore eliminate a number of long procedures in the process of acquiring the products hence resulting into efficiency and effectiveness in these adoptions. Websites will mainly act as channels of promotion of the firms and to this effect, the firms should put in place certain measures that will allow efficiency in the development plans when designing and developing their websites (Sheehan, 2010, p. 98).

During the initial years most firms are usually faced with financial constraints and if they fail to put in place measures to curb these challenges, the firms may experience financial distress that will compromise their operations. Proper financial projections should be done to ensure that all the necessary procedures in the web site development are properly undertaken. Secondly, a lot of expertise should be utilized in the website development process and this is to ensure that all the key information regarding the commodities and the firm in general are included within the site. The site needs to be constantly be redesigned to meet the ever evolving trends and needs of the market. More precisely, there is need to improve the technological adoptions in the management of the site from time to time. This should also be done in the event that the firm decides to change its production activities and needs to inform the customers of the advancements.  The adoption of the company’s website should be undertaken with close reference to that assumed by the key rivals as this will allow for proper direction in terms of market trends and favorable competition. In addition, by considering the activities of the competitors, companies promote positivedifferentiation to be exercised(Sheehan, 2010, p. 219).  More aspects that would result into efficiency in the operations of the firm should be integrated within the website so as to make consumers and general users to prefer the firm over others and enhance market success.

The use of the various social media platforms is a key element in the e-marketing. Among the key sites that would be deemed central in promoting the company’s operations include Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, blogs and many other sites. These social sites are popular among customers and will therefore provide an effective platform for reaching both potential and current customers. The social media sites will be highly suitable in case the commodities of the firm are tailored to meet the specifications of persons within the middle-aged age brackets as these form the largest group of users of such sites.

The social media sites will be mainly essential in ensuring the firm’s publicity is effectively managed. In addition, certain marketing elements can be integrated into the site to gain market advantages. Through these sites, the firm can also allow customers to place their orders and make inquiries regarding the available products. A firm can also create a page within the social platform specifically for purposes of receiving customers’ suggestions with regards to the operations of the organization. This will be essential as it will serve as a tool for carrying out market research and the levels of customers’ satisfaction will be mainly determined through permitting proper measures that are undertaken. Such platforms can also raise pertinent issues regarding the changing needs and demands of the customer hence allowing the firm to embrace these changes in its operations (Sheehan, 2010, p. 399).

E-marketing can also be employed by using mass email communication plans. Global entrepreneurs carry out several operations daily that are very exerting and require a lot of movement as well as aggressive marketing and promotion. Profitability, being the main objective of most businesses, has been boosted by email communication which has played an integral role in e-marketing since its inception many years ago. The two main email sites that are commonly used across the globe are yahoo and Gmail and they have greatly enhanced communication from one individual to another. The process of email communication basically entails sending of messages and the emails are different from short messages and letters as means of communication because they are very fast and instant; and hence, have made global business a very fast process.

Many global companies have been using several opportunities to employ email as means of advertising. For example, some companies have targeted subscribers who log in to their emails and receive newsletters on a weekly basis and this has promoted e-marketing among such companies hence increasing their profitability. In addition, with respect to mass email communication, there are firms that have been involved in the purchase of contacts of people or potential clients and such purchases include email addresses that have provided the companies with good platforms through which they can conduct their businesses. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best and most successful business strategies as it ensures that many customers are reached.Emails have also been useful in the e-marketing processes as they contribute in one way or another in transfer of money online. The renowned online money transfer company, PayPal, entered into an agreement with Gmail and consequently, through emails, people are able to transfer money from one part of the globe to another with much ease. This is one of the biggest online marketing strategies that have been made possible by the use of mass email communication (Sheehan, 2010, p. 399).

E-marketing has also assisted in promoting market customization. This is a term, which entails diverse elements including segmentation and positioning when undertaking any kind of business transaction. To start with, segmentation often focuses on breaking down a huge market of masses into smaller sub-markets of clients who have similar needs and objectives.  In the long run, once the segmentation is successful, it will help entrepreneurs to focus on amassing the necessary resources and creating the goods and services that can meet the needs and desires of the customers. Market customization has been facilitated by the use of emails and social media. In social media platforms, pages are normally created and they target the members and visitors because these are possible customers who exhibit common needs. The internet thus provides one of the most favorable platforms through which people can communicate and bargain on particular products. In the recent years, firms that have taken advantage of market customization through e-marketing platforms have registered big profits.

On the other hand, market customization has been increased through positioning and this has attracted customers that share similar needs to meet at the same location. Thus, it is often easier for such customers to access the products that they prefer. Positioning also tries to control and manage the perception of potential clients with regard to particular products and services and this has been mainly facilitated by e-marketing. Google is one of the commonest sites that has been employed by many in terms of promoting business transactions. Entrepreneurs have used the site to position their businesses in particular places and this enables the customers to access information about certain goods or services, and trace the headquarters or physical location of the entrepreneur, thus leading to concentration of customers around the companies that supply the preferred products or services.  Social media has also proved useful in the positioning of businesses because entrepreneurs put up posts about their products and services in such platforms. For instance, the companies that have created pages on Facebook and Twitter usually attract followers and this inevitably boosts their businesses (Sheehan, 2010, p. 399).

E-marketing has also been enhanced through display marketing and this is a strategy through which companies and organizations post videos and pictures of their logos and the objectives as well as goals that they have set. Most customers get attracted to the products and services of different firms depending on the quality of what they offer.Display advertising can be differentiate from regular ways of advertisements because it entails posting many images and videos which fill up more space in websites. These videos and images are often surrounded by bold borders and often feature product illustrations, bold type and headlines and company logos so that they catch the eye of the clients. Display advertising in the internet are commonly used by automobile dealers, realtors, and employers or recruiters. Placing these similar advertisements in one section of a web page, makes it easier for readers and internet users to compare the qualities of different products and services offered by different firms.

At the same time, the shopping environment works well for most advertisers because consumers are more aware of where to look for the market’s most comprehensive compilation of ads that are of interest to them whether they are looking for a new or used car or truck, a new home, or a new job. Previous researches have shown that new car buyers are very likely to read or view automotive ads in various websites before buying as this enables them to obtain information regarding the models and prices that interest them most. In addition, these same buyers keep on reading through the automotive ads for several weeks after making their purchase just to ascertain that they got the best possible deal hence it is possible to conclude that consumers have undergone training through years of consistent advertising and learnt to rely on newspapers for such information. As a result, advertisers know the importance of being represented in the internet market place and updating information on a consistent basis if they wish to be successful (Sheehan, 2010, p. 399).

Mobile technologies such as phones has also facilitated E-marketing. Millions of mobile phone users usually send short text messages on a regular basis in order to pass information to others. Since the inception of such technology, entrepreneurs have also capitalized on it and gone ahead to conduct various business operations through SMS and MMS, making such operations easy, fast and less costly (Sheehan, 2010, p. 399).

In conclusion, e-marketing has played an integral role in promoting global entrepreneurship and companies and organizations that have capitalized on the e-platform have enhanced their profitability.  Through the platforms customers have been able to easily access the products and services of such companies.Besides, e-marketing, has been a key instrument for fostering good relationships between customers and firm or organization managers. Though in most cases the goods and services are not delivered physically to customers using e-marketing, important information such as prices and quality is often displayed on internet websites to guide the client. Future entrepreneurs are advised to embrace e-marketing in their businesses if they are to gain their long term objectives of profitability.



Sheehan, B. (2010). Online marketing. Lausanne: AVA Academia.

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