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Nutrition Essay on Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar is bowl-shaped holder made from hardwood or stone and ceramic. Pestle on the other is a club shaped blunt object used for grinding, milling, crushing or pounding elements such as thymes, medications and grains.  The elements to be milled are usually placed at the base of the mortal and the pestle is rubbed against it or rolled over it. Downward pressure is applied on the pestle continuously to achieve the desired result.

The basis of mortar and pestle can be traced back to about six thousand years ago in Mesoamerican cultures (the Aztecs and Mayans) and they were created from basalt. Native Americans also used mortars engraved into rocks to process nuts and cork while Japanese utilized bugger mortals made from wood to prepare moki. In West Asian states, big stones were used as mortars alongside wooden pestles to prepare kebbeh (meatloaf), to crush meat and to prepare masabcha (humus).

Additionally, during the 14th century, the era of Anglo Saxon, in Britain, mortar and pestle early use was also evident. It Italy, the use of mortar and pestle can be traced back to the 15th century by the Apothecaries (ancient Pharmacists) in the frescoes. In Thailand, the use of the items can be traced back to Sukhothai age in the 1238 AD and it was mainly used in grinding medicinal elements and food.

Over the past few years, more refined models of mortar and pestle have been created and it is widely used in kitchens to prepare well-grounded cuisine components and pates. It is also widely used in laboratories and pharmacies. The tools can grind a wide range of foods as long as they fit in. additionally, they provide little friction therefore, the contents being crushed or grinded especially food stuff aromas, do not burn off. The pair for these reasons is widely preferred compared to other items that carry out similar functions for instance, food processors and electric grinders.



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