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Nutrition Essay on Summary of Articles

Summary of Articles

It is a fact that humans require calories to meet the basic energy requirements of the body. It is a surprise that most people find it hard to consume nutritious diets or the recommended type of food. This paper will focus on the summaries of two articles, the first one based on diet and another on personal and community nutrition.

The article ‘’Mediterranean diet: A heart-healthy eating plan’’ by May Clinic Staff suggests a Mediterranean diet for people who are searching for eating plan that promotes a healthy heart. The article says that the diet contains all the required healthy nutrients. For instance, its olive oil that is filled with flavors and the traditional cooking style rhymes with the tastes of the Mediterranean Sea. The diets that are recommended in this diet include vegetables, whole grains, fish and fruits that contain limited fats.

Mayo Clinic Staff (2013) argue that the Mediterranean diet has quite a number of benefits like reduced risks of heart diseases and cancer. Besides, the diet also reduces the incidences of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s ailments. It indeed emphasizes on plant-based foods, consumption of healthy fats, spices and herbs, low intake of red meats, limited poultry, fish and red wine intake. The diet also considers the significance of taking meals with friends and family, and physical fitness.

The Mediterranean diet is therefore a healthy way of eating. The article provides specific steps that one can follow in order to get started with the diet. It proposes the intake of fruits and vegetables before moving on to whole grains. Later on, one can begin taking nuts, butter, each in a single week. Thus, the article is relevant to the diet since it provides various examples of nutrients that are needed in the body. Besides, it also gives direction on how the diets should be taken with a schedule for every week. Besides, it also offers examples of diets that one needs to avoid in order to ensure healthy and well-balanced meals.

On the other hand, the article ‘’Foods and Drugs Affect Individuals Differently’’ by Nutritional Genomics discusses personal and community nutrition in nutrigenomics. The article highlights that people metabolize various kinds of food chemicals. Besides, the efficiency in response of metabolic reactions to the varied concentrations and types of dietary chemicals shows the imperative hint for understanding the effects of diet on human health. The author points out that the latter refers to the combination of dietary chemicals with information and machinery. This has a significant importance of maintenance of health and prevention of chronic ailments that are diet-related.

However, the use of nutritional genomics of community and personal nutrition creates ethical problems that are similar to those of pharmacogenomics, especially with regards to genetic privacy. The article although, unwraps the complex biological structure of gene to gene and gene-nutrient interaction, the possibility of causing susceptible diseases. Thus, a genetic test can help in the identification of people who have a predisposition to ailments that are induced by diets. Nevertheless, the key ethical and practical issue impacting the use of results obtained from studies conducted on nutrigenomics is timing. When there is adequate time, sufficient knowledge based on the results obtained can help in the interpretation of the tests carried on genetics.

The article presents fully advanced ideas and comprehensively portrays the concept of nutrigenomics. Besides, it also explains other elements that are related to nutrigenomics. It also points out the correlation between pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics since the concepts and developments in pharmacogenomics outweigh the significance of genotype X environs interactions. The latter is achieved through the identification of how personal genetic in a community can impact the efficacy and severity of the undesirable side effects of drugs.


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