• Hedge Fund

    Sample Essay on Marginal Propensity to Consume

    Marginal Propensity to Consume Marginal propensity to consume in economics refers to a metric that is used in quantifying induced consumption. It is a concept that suggests that there is an increased individual consumer spending or consumption as a result of increased disposable income or income after transfers and taxes. Propensity to consume refers to […]

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  • Child soldiers

    Sample Essay on Luce’s Choice Axiom

    Luce’s Choice Axiom Luce’s choice axiom refers to a theory that describes the behavior of an individual when it comes to making choices. This theory states that, absence or presence of the other items in a pool does not affect the probability of an individual selecting a certain item over the other in that pool. […]

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  • Valeria Lukyanova

    Sample Essay on Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

    Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Utility is a term that refers to level of satisfaction an individual gets after consumption of a specific product. Marginal utility refers to the addition that is made to the total utility which is what one gets when they consume an additional unit. The wants of an individual are often […]

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  • Democratic Management Style

    Sample Essay on Law of Diminishing Marginal Productivity

    Law of Diminishing Marginal Productivity Law of diminishing marginal productivity is also known as variable factor proportions. It is an economics principle that states while one input is been increased and others kept at a similar level, the initial output is increased. The effect of further increase of the initial input will have limited effect […]

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  • Cross Cultural Heritage Product

    Essay sample on the Importance of Relationship Marketing

    Importance of Relationship Marketing Relationship marketing can be defined in several ways and using various kinds of phrases and terms. However, the simplest definition is that it is a strategy designed to foster the loyalty of customers, interaction and long-term engagement. This form of marketing can help in the development of strong bonds with customers […]

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  • Evolution of a Broken Regional Order

    Sample Essay on Imperfect Competition

    Imperfect Competition Imperfect competition in the economic theory refers to a market structure that shows some competitive market’s features. It can also be defined as a market whose operations are not under rigid rules exhibited by a perfect competition. Perfect competition, refers to a market or industry where no single supplier has the ability to […]

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  • Organs of the United Nations

    Sample Essay on Horizontal Integration

    Horizontal Integration Horizontal integration refers to a strategy in business where a firm acquires or creates production units that come up with similar outputs, either competitive or complementary. It can also be described as additional activities of a business that are at a similar level in the value chain in the same or even different […]

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  • Child support

    Sample essay on Factors Affecting Indian Stock Market

    Factors Affecting Indian Stock Market The stock market in India is one that has been a great pillar in the country’s economy. This is because it is the focal attraction point for many investors in India. Thus, it is very important that any individual investor or company that aims to start any investment in the […]

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  • Free Essay Online on Expository Essay Structure

    Sample essay on Factors Affecting Indian Economy Growth

    Factors Affecting Indian Economy Growth Based on the recent statistics, India’s economic growth has continually been impressive and it is expected to keep the trend into the future. In 2013, the economy of the country expanded from at an annual rate of 4.8% in the July to September period, from 4.4% in the previous quarter. […]

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  • Request for Proposal

    Essay Sample on Factors Affecting Car Insurance

    Factors Affecting Car Insurance When you own a car, it is always a requirement that you purchase car insurance. However, shopping for car insurance can be challenging at times considering the aspects that you have to give precedence to. It may look like an easy activity but there are several factors that impact car insurance, […]

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  • Principles of Waste Management

    Essay sample on Factor Analysis

    Factor Analysis Factor Analysis is a collection of methods that are used in examination of how underlying constructs influence the responses on a number of measured variables. It refers to a mathematical procedure applied in reducing a large amount of data into a structure that can be more easily studied. It aims to summarize the […]

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  • Venture Capital vs Angel Investors

    Sample Essay on Expectancy Value Theory

    Expectancy Value Theory Expectancy value theory is a theory applied in different fields such as communications, education, economics, marketing and health. While it differs in its implications and meaning in each field the general idea of the theory is that there exist expectations and beliefs or values that are known to affect subsequent behavior. The […]

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  • United Kingdom Healthcare System

    Sample Essay on Expectancy Value Model

    Expectancy Value Model Expectancy value model is defined as the theory that states people or consumers will tend to evaluate the features of a service or produce based on preferences and in order of importance. In simple terms, if any service or product has numerous favorable qualities, it is likely that the buyer will buy […]

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  • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Argument on GMO

    Sample Essay on Environmentalism

    Environmentalism Environmentalism is defined as a broad ideology, social and philosophy movement that concerns itself with matters of protecting the environment and improving its health. The health measure is especially important because it attempts to incorporate concerns that are related to non-human elements. Environmentalism advocates for the restoration, improvement and/or improvement of natural environment and […]

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  • Sample Essay on Allosteric Regulation May 10, 2016
    Allosteric Regulation Allosteric regulation is a process that takes place when regulatory triggers, like the binding of a small molecule inhibitor, takes place in another location other than the active site of the protein. Many proteins undergo this kind of regulation and show various mechanisms of allosteric control. Because of this regulation, the active site […]


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