• Sample Essay on The Major Types of Tundra Biome

    Sample Essay on Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary In every nation, the president has the mandate to make and amend certain rules or policies. For President Theodore Roosevelt, the famous corollary [a statement that trails a previous statement], the Roosevelt Corollary is one of the many things that he is known for. It was a corollary to Monroe Doctrine articulated in […]

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  • Effects of Cold War on Soviet Union

    Sample Essay on Meiji Restoration

    Meiji Restoration Meiji Restoration began when Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States moved into the Edo Bay [Tokyo Bay] and demanded that Tokugawa Japan to agree to foreign powers access trade in the nation in 1853. Through this new trade establishments, a sequence of events stated led by the Japan’s rise as modern imperial […]

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  • Free Essay Online on Where to Find a Performance Review Sample

    Sample Essay on Meiji Restoration Timeline

    Meiji Restoration Timeline In the middle of the 19th century, the Japan ruling Shogunate was a medieval and weak empire that was inept to control its domains and defend itself from the influence and threat of the western nations. The influx of Commodore Matthew Perry and the team of the U.S navy in in 1853 […]

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  • Mutual Fund

    Sample Essay on Medieval Ages

    Medieval Ages The Medieval Ages period is one of the most significant periods in European history. It was first known as the middle age period by academics of the fifteenth century and the Italians. The scholars were often stating that the society in which they lived in was highly civilized and had existed for many […]

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  • Where to find a Reaction Paper Example

    Sample Essay on Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan Marshall Plan refers to a European Recovery Program that was specially designed to help rehabilitate the economies of southern and western European countries. The program designed in April 1948-december 1951, covered 17 European countries and aimed at creating stable economic conditions and ensures that democratic institutions thrive. The US had its own fears […]

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  • John Calvin

    Sample Essay on Loyalty Marketing

    Loyalty Marketing Loyalty marketing is one of the most successful promotional approaches that have been used over the recent past. It is a marketing approach based on strategic management. A company using loyalty marketing focuses on growing and maintaining existing clients through different incentives. Customer proposition is the most important feature in loyalty marketing. Branding […]

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  • Investment Banking

    Sample Essay on Import Substitution Industrialization

    Import Substitution Industrialization Import substitution industrialization is an effective economic development strategy that enhances industrial growth. It enhances industrialization within a nation and is usually used with an aim of Reducing imports of goods and manufacturers Creating and providing jobs Saving on foreign exchange and Reducing international dependency The United Nations Commission for Latin America […]

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  • Venture Capital

    Sample Essay on Emissions Trading

    Emissions Trading Emissions trading, is, a unique trading system. It is a very powerful policy that helps in managing emissions from industrial greenhouse gas.  The presence of the system is very important because it allows for operational excellence. It also provides a highly functional incentive and an efficient path for technology development. Emissions trading has, […]

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  • Effects of the Cold War on Middle East

    Sample Essay on Economic Calculation Problem

    Economic Calculation Problem The economic calculation problem was a very important step that involved the criticism of central economic planning. It was proposed by Ludwig von Mises in 1920. Economic calculation problem was later expounded in detail by Friedrich Hayek. The two argued that the only effective way to enhance rational distribution of resources could […]

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  • Angel Investor

    Sample Essay on Drip Marketing

    Drip Marketing Direct marketing is an effective strategy that involves sending of promotional pieces over a specific period of time to generate leads. The name drip marketing was derived from the term drip irrigation and has been proven very successful but you have to plan your market campaign efficiently. Planning a drip marketing campaign The […]

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  • How to Write an Expository Essay for PowerPoint

    Sample Essay on Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that involves promotion of products via electronic media. It differs from traditional marketing because it involves the use of methods that are highly advanced. Promotional methods used on digital marketing helps a business organization to analyze marketing campaigns more efficiently. This allows for clear understanding of what […]

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  • Free Essay Online on

    Sample Essay on Commercial Revolution

    Commercial Revolution Commercial revolution was a very crucial period of colonialism, European economic expansion and mercantilism. European powers had to build strong and vast networks of international trade and generate wealth. Global economy during commercial revolution was based on silver and it allowed traders to purchase a wide range of products including Chinese spices. Commercial […]

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  • Bystander effect

    Sample Essay on Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway A lot of naval battles were fought in the World War II. However, the Battle of Midway in the Pacific Theater of Operations is regarded as one of the most substantial and fierce naval battles of all time. This is a battle fought in 1942, six months after the Pearl Harbor attack […]

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  • Current State of Cambodia

    Sample Essay on Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson Americans have always dreamed for change and a peaceful nation. Yet, the key problem in the turn of the 17th century was that it was not easy to choose the best leaders. Adjustments in the electoral process guaranteed the much need change and gave the citizen the voice to pick the best government. […]

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  • Sample Essay on Allosteric Regulation May 10, 2016
    Allosteric Regulation Allosteric regulation is a process that takes place when regulatory triggers, like the binding of a small molecule inhibitor, takes place in another location other than the active site of the protein. Many proteins undergo this kind of regulation and show various mechanisms of allosteric control. Because of this regulation, the active site […]


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