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Persuasive Essay on Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana

For several years, legalization of marijuana has always been a hot discussion topic in the U.S. Its illegality makes many people to use it secretly because they fear being arrested and prosecuted. The belief of the opponents of marijuana is that this substance should be blamed for the high violence and crime rates as well as other evils facing the country.

Nevertheless, most indications show that legalizing marijuana will have more benefits for the society that the ills that people perceive it to have. These benefits are categorized as psychological, physical, economical and spiritual. A bill that aims at achieving the legalization of marijuana ought to be at the table of the senate for passage right now.

Marijuana ought to be legalized due to its medical benefits on the adverse effects of ailments that include glaucoma and cancer. Legalizing marijuana would generate revenue that can facilitate the fight against drugs in the United States.

Research conducted in an attempt to establish the exact effects that smoking marijuana has on a country show that a country can benefit from its legalization in terms of revenue and health. Other substances such as alcohol and tobacco are legal yet they cause deaths and other dangers. This has been disapproved for the consumption of marijuana by research (Mukhopadhyay, 2013, July 22).

The implication of this is that if the senate legalizes marijuana, there will be legislations that will bring order in the way it is used. Studies have shown that some marijuana doses possess medicinal value. They are useful in managing and curing some diseases. Similarly, marijuana can be used to prevent blindness when glaucoma that results in the destruction of optic nerves causes it. Intraocular pressure in the eye is also reduced by marijuana’s consumption which lowers the progress of this disease.

Unlike tobacco, consumption of marijuana enhances lung capacity. Tobacco’s consumption lowers lung capacity which causes deterioration in its functionality. This is a testimony that the use of marijuana can improve the functionality of the lung and the entire body condition. Currently, among the deadliest diseases in the world is cancer due to the number of people that succumb to it each year.

Marijuana has a substance called cannabidiol. This substance is capable of reducing the rate at which cancer spreads because it kills Id-1 gene that causes the spreading of cancer in the body. As such, legalizing marijuana will enhance the exploitation of this substance because it will be used in treating and managing cancer medically (Mukhopadhyay, 2013, July 22).

In psychology, consuming marijuana has been found to reduce anxiety. Studies indicate that after chemotherapy, using marijuana facilitates the reduction of pain and nausea. Essentially, consuming marijuana in minimum doses is vital in the stabilization of the moods of the people as well as the elimination of anxiety.

A study conducted on rats that had epileptic seizures established that extracts from marijuana are capable of preventing this problem. During this study, the drug was administered in the rat and for the next ten hours, the rat did not have seizures. According to experts, marijuana produces tetrahydrocannabinol which is the active substance. This substance is capable of controlling the parts of the brain that are responsible for relaxing and excitement (Mukhopadhyay, 2013, July 22).

Economically, marijuana’s legalization might be the right answer to the revenue of the United States. For lawmakers, national budget’s balancing has always been an issue. This can be handled with ease by generating revenue through marijuana. It is true that there is an active market for marijuana that is presently underground.

According to Fairchild (2013), legalizing marijuana can generate $8.7 billion through annual taxation. This amount is significant and the federal government can use it in providing public utilities. Nevertheless, if the senate fails to pass the legalization bill, realizing this probable revenue will not be possible. The estimation is from a tax system that is imposed on tobacco and alcohol in regards to tax sales and income.

Legalization of marijuana can have other benefits as well. For instance, a lot of resources go into the measures and programs for regulating its production and use (Fairchild, 2013). Despite putting all these resources in the regulation of marijuana, nothing much can be seen from the efforts. If marijuana is legalized, the saved resources can be redirected to more beneficial projects in the society.

Some states that have legalized marijuana such as Colorado and Washington estimate great savings as far as revenue collection is concerned. For example, the Washington state intends to generate additional $1.9 billion after legalizing marijuana in the following 5 years (Fairchild, 2013).

These statements indicate the fact that marijuana’s legalization has more benefits that contradict the perceived side effects. There is no study that indicates its side effects in regards to overdose as it is the case for tobacco and alcohol. There are no results of a study that indicates a case of death caused by overdose.

Similarly, no evidence exists to prove that marijuana can damage the brain due to the fact that using it does not have toxins as it is the case for alcohol. Therefore, marijuana ought to be legalized because this is beneficial to individuals as well as the country.





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