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Critical thinking paper

People have become overly dependent on technology

There are two possible scenarios for the topic above: people who are overly dependent on technology and people not overly dependent on technology. Technology makes it easy to store, access and search information and as a result, people have become lazy in terms of thinking or involving themselves in work that is tiring such as digging into books. For instance, people find it is not necessary to learn when they can just as easily find what they are looking for through Google search. Learning languages has also been abandoned due to the introduction of automated translators and majority of people no longer find the need to interact socially when they can use online platforms to communicate with friends (Brredja, 201).

Although the lives of people are changing slowly as a result of technology, relationships and the manner in which people do things in daily lives, they can no longer function well without the assistance of computerized gadgets. Technology is human invention and it is intended to make life easier and also necessitates shifting from a manual to a more technical world. Technology makes activities initially carried out without it easier for example prevention of disease, communication, working and transport among others.

My position is people have become overly dependent on technology and they have moved from doing things manually to using machines which makes work easier, increases productivity and saves time. A survey I carried out at my workplace indicate that eight out of every ten people were dependent on technology while 2 were not.

A survey conducted by Gahran (2011) indicated 90 percent of Americas own machinery whose purpose is making lives comfortable by necessitating communication and mechanizing the performance of activities.

Upon placing the evidence from survey through scientific method, the first instance “where a survey was conducted in the workplace”, does not measure to the examination due to the fact a small study sample was interviewed and data collected is not representative enough to use in making generalizations. For the evidence to be acceptable, a larger sample is supposed to be interviewed that is representative of different classes of people. The second study, however by Gahran indicates 90% of Americans own machinery is scientific since it was drawn from a larger sample, generalizations and analysis made effectively. My targeted audience is people from varying cultural, economic class and backgrounds since change as a great impact on people from different groups.

Essentially, technology is the modern society as it provides a platform through which people lead better and comfortable lives. Parents are supposed to assume the responsibility of ensuring their children learn socialization from an early age. According to Carr (2001), most accidents are as a result of people driving while they are using the phone which causes loss of concentration.

According to Carr (2001), people are supposed to invest in understanding both negative and positive side of technology rather than using it blindly. For example, most of the social sites such as Skype, Twitter and Facebook require that users disclose personal information to the public. Often, the personal information is easily accessed and can be used to cause harm to the uses by cyber bullies and hackers leading to personality tainting, theft and in severe cases, murder.

Currently, people at home, school and work have become lazy to think since whenever they need something, they just Google. This has worsened to the extent people are unable to figure anything out on their own or think critically but they turn to search engines. The search engine dependency has a negative impact on the mental personal development, intellectual independence and ability to develop skills for problem solving. What is more, it denies people the chance to explore and realize their intellectual abilities since even with proper training, the lack of practice limits the ability for mental development. In ancient times, people worked manually, communicated and moved from one location to another though this took energy and time.

Rapid growth of technology industry therefore has had positive effects by making work easier and negative effects by making people lazy not only physically but mentally as well. Honea (2001) states technology plays a crucial role in society starting from the house to the office. For instance, housewives have adopted to use of machines to carry out household chores that leaves limited chores that can be carried out manually. It is however important to acknowledge that operation of machines demands human knowledge since the machines cannot operate on their own. Despite human advancement, human input will always be a great prerequisite to making life complete.

While most tasks in the work place are performed through use of machines, people must have knowledge of how the machines operate in order to achieve the results desired. For example, employees can communicate in a matter of seconds without having to leave their desks, however to do so, they must have basic knowledge on how to operate computers.

Despite the advantages of technology, the dependency has caused a complete lifestyle change and machine use places less pressure for people to exercise physically. For example, the increasing obesity cases are related to lack of physical activity such as walking since people are used to use of vehicles when they want to move from one place to another (Honea, 2001). On top of this, in offices, people rarely use the staircase since it is quicker and easier to use a lift.

Students also do assignments by using the internet and this enhances the ease with which they access information but limits their ability to customize and analyze data. For example, to reduce laziness and the inability of students to go an extra mile in doing research, institutions have resulted to use of plagiarism checker to limit copying assignments from the internet. The passivity that is related to use of modern technology leads to decrease in activity which if left unchecked will have a negative impact on humankind future. This overdependence on technology also has negative effects on the physical and mental development and if it is left unchecked, humans, in the near future will be replaced by machines (Honea, 2001).

To conclude, people are overly dependent on technology which is attributed to numerous innovations and inventions. Technology has both positive and negative effects as such, it is supposed to be used with caution in order to avoid the destructive consequences it has on the society. The positive effects technology has include making life comfortable, reducing the need for physical strain at work. The negative effects include making people mentally and physically lazy as such, limiting the ability to analyze issues critically and think thus leading to development of diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle. Though people still can function without technology, when used effectively, it confers more benefits than negative effects on today’s society.



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