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Political Science Essay on Exec Branch Departments

Exec Branch Departments

The US is recorded in history as one of the first nations in the world to develop and use nuclear weapons in warfare. The country has established a well-organized system which specifically deals with the nuclear weapons and four departments in the US executive, have been charged with the task of dealing with nuclear weapons (Ritchie, 2009). The US Department of Defense is in charge of operational nuclear stockpile and also oversees extensive online resources that are available through responsible bureaucratic organizations. Besides having an extensive internet presence, the US Department of Energy is in charge of conducting research, producing, and dismantling nuclear materials and warheads. This is done specifically through the national laboratories of the Department. TheArms Control and Disarmament Agency which falls under the Department of State plays an essential role in controlling foreign policy and arms control-related sites. Lastly,the Office of the President is in charge of issuing directives to each of the above departments with regard to using the nuclear weapons.

Lobbyists arrange congressional hearings and also assist in conducting research and presenting information. Furthermore, these lobbyists always attend meetings with the congressional staff and Members of Congress. The lobbyists usually target to influence the decision makers constructively and to ensure that any process is properly effected in Washington D.C (Baumgartner, 2009). They are very knowledgeable and hence can break down the issues concerning nuclear weapons into small and simple parts that are easily comprehensible.  This is why they are usually in charge of helping staffs by communicating the most complicated issues. The main objective of using lobbyists is to simplify the learning process for congressional staff persons and members, while, at the same time, providing them with the correct and well-timed information. Therefore, lobbyists play an important role and offer very valuable services to both their clients, who consist of the staff and the Members of Congress.They influence the decision-makers, including the Congress, executive branch agencies, for example, the Supreme Court, the Treasury Department, and the State Governments.


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