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Political Science Essay on Hope and promise of Democracy

Hope and promise of Democracy

Studies indicate as a low-ranked legislator in the US originating from Illinois, Obama got propelling power or an uplifting force thrusting him to eminence nationwide at the 2004 democratic concord. This took place at a period when he had just conveyed a crucial, inspiring discourse, “The Audacity of Hope”, which lasted for not more than 20 minutes (Obama, 2010). This was enough to push Obama, to unexpected and immediate celebrity; as evidenced from the predictions and sediments that he might have been place to get into an auspicious high level, future contest. This was just the start of a series of matters revolving around his new way of issuing or handling inspiring and great speeches. Evidently, 2 years down the line, Obama was on the scene again and in 2006, he released “The Audacity of Hope”. The book is a stretch description of the numerous subjects Obama had lectured in initially in concord discourse giving rise to the same title. Therefore, the “Audacity of Hope” is an unusual mixture of dogma examination and autography, which diverges to what is known as “boilerplate”. Often, these were flicker printed profiles issued by numerous legislators in the years that led to the major political crusade. He used the book as his platform to narrate his juvenile and understandings that were implanted in him with the rest of the world.

Further, in his book, Obama discussed in great depth every major partisan affair the American constituency faces in the modern world. He achieved this by offering his individual notions and made suggestions of possible approaches that can lead to desired ways of restructuring (Obama, 2010). The posture of Obama on numerous subjects such as security and abortion is one that attempts to find grounds among conservative traditionalism and narrow minded as well as excessively broad mindedness. As Obama retreated to the days when legislature was branded by communal and collegiality admiration, he calls for more conglomerate and negotiation among republicans and democrats. In essence, Obama’s all- embracing discourse is one pegged on the fact America has a characteristic budding offer of hope to any individual regardless of their life and circumstantial experiences. Obama subsequently suggests that to guarantee the availability of opportunities for all in a supportable, practical and safe nationwide setting, different indispensable strategy reorganizations are necessary and relevant.

Establishment of Political liberties and rights through the American Constitution

Obama, based on the book echoed the view of Justice Breyer of the constitution; be believe the American constitution is not motionless but an existing article that must be recited in a setting of ever evolving world. Obama believed the frameworks of American constitution could achieve more by organizing and arranging the manner in which politicians argue regarding American future. Obama made the observation all machineries of American constitution are arranged deliberately (Obama, 2010). For example, he pointed out that separation of powers and the balances and checks, which include bill of rights and federalist philosophies, all have one common basis behind their formation; a design of forcing the politicians to dialogue. Accordingly, this is viewed as thoughtful egalitarianism, in which all the residents are supposed take part in the process of challenging their notions against exterior reality. In essence, this is aimed at coaxing key mainstream of their philosophies regarding specific issues which can be well facilitated via constriction of kaleidoscopic coalitions of consent.

The constitution on the other hand, is important in ascertaining the various human rights and needs. In essence, by looking at the values presented in the Audacity of Hope, Obama deliberates on the stand of modern American constitution as it offers through establishment of specific standards. Obama also noted in every civilization, including all individuals, collective and distinctive independence as well as harmony are in contention. Therefore, locating the right balance among contending values is quite hard. This is attributed to the fact in most occasions regarding national debates, partisans never get equilibrium for checking some of the hard choices (Obama, 2010). In his book however, Obama asserts that state of democracy affords room when the parties involve recognize every individual has values that are meant to earn every aspect of respect from others. Through this notion, the constitution should allow liberals to acknowledge that recreational hunters have the same feelings as the liberals do about their library books. On the same ground, conservatives should view or recognize there are various women who feel as protective of their rights to reproductive freedom as the evangelicals feel regarding their right to worship. Obama deliberated empathy as the key blend that will assist people, see beyond constitutional provisions the needs of people ad car for those suffering minorities in the society.

Regarding faith, Obama deliberated that, legalizing practice of abortion was not the appropriate thing to do and as such, he would not advocate it. Instead, in his book, he explained that few women make the choice of terminating pregnancy casually; that any pregnant woman feels the force of the moral concerns involved and wrestles with their conscience when they make the choice which is heart breaking. Despite the fact there are some situations which make a woman desire to end her pregnancy, the practice should not be allowed since it costs the life of someone else. As such, according to Obama’s views, he dreaded that prohibition of abortion would compel women to pursue having dangerous abortion. As such, he was of the opinion they could probably settle on ways of diminishing the number of women feeling they had no choice but to seek abortion. According to the constitution, democracy does not demand those who are religiously inspired are supposed to interpret their concerns into widespread rather than specific religious values (Obama, 2010). With this, Obama meant if he is opposed to abortion on the grounds of religion and pursues to pass a law that prohibits it, he cannot modestly point to instructions of his church or invoke the will of God and think the argument will succeed. Further, he laid emphasis that in case he desires other people to listen to him, he is obligated to provide good explanation on why abortion violates some principles that are acceptable to individuals of all faith which includes those who do not have any faith at all.

Additionally, the issue of race has also proven to be a grave obstacle in the country. Obama however had the vision of getting rid of the problem wholly; as a result a large percentage of Americans failed to agree on the matter based on principals disagreeing that institutes are not supposed to take the issue of race into account even in instances when it aims to assist suffers from past instances of discrimination. The process to eradicate racial discrimination is not an easy task always, but it is the responsibility of everyone to aid in closing the gap. This means the government, on its own cannot solve the issue, individuals, minorities ad all collectively have an obligation to play their role. From the book. Obama demonstrates the best strategy to solving issues by recognizing that maybe the best thing to do is reduce the levels of poverty by inspiring young girls into finishing high school education and ensuring they do not get children out of wedlock (Obama, 2010). Any tactic at decreasing intergenerational poverty should be more focused on work and not welfare. This is due to the fact work does not only provide independence and income but it offers structure, order, dignity and the opportunity for development in the lives of individuals.

Moreover, according to studies, Obama continued deliberating on constitution provisions by offering varying proposals for restructuring and amendment to respect human liberties and rights. In this regard, strategies which reinforce matrimonies for people who consider is expected to dishearten unwanted deliveries out of marriage; and this sets reasonable aims to take into consideration. Essentially, tax benefits and reform elements which aid in reduction of marriage penalty, including packages that are community based have proven appropriate in prevention of unwanted pregnancies (Obama, 2010). Such plans are used to attain that inspiring self-restraint and preferment of the right contraception use and training workshops for matrimony. To the government, this information is important since it cannot be enlisted with the duty of enforcing sexual morality. This is due to the fact’ decisions concerning conjugal activities, sex, reproduction and divorce are personal matters and based on an individual’s liberty.

Public Opinion, the media, and political party’s role in development of policies

In his book, Obama deliberated on how the media, public opinion and political parties in many ways, have contributed to development of government policies affecting the lives everyone. To start with, Obama through his book reveals that, the issues that appear troublesome involve the gap between shallow politics and extent of tests. Accordingly, the ease with which members of a political party are distracted by issues that are petty works against their effectiveness in making decisions that are substantial and adopting of bad policies. Essentially, the high profile misconception of malfunction and ideas arises from chronic or frequent avoidance of tough decisions and the incapability of constructing an operational cord for purposes of undertaking huge issues.

Obama for instance indicated the Democratic Party has for a long time, become a party of rejoinder which reacts to war, is ill perceived and hence, it appears doubtful of every military deed. The party is seen to act in reaction to those proclaiming the market has the ability to cure all ills and hence, there is opposition to the efforts of using market philosophies for purposes of solving glitches. Other reactions are those that involve religious overreach where the parties equate tolerance to secularism; at the same time, party members also feel the urge to cup tie the rights of the republicans (Obama, 2010. This leads to conflict of interest and in the end, it works against the provision of services that are morally upright through creating policies that are unproductive. Accordingly, such doctrine manner of thinking and stark partisanship negatively influences the way of governing the nation and turns the Americans off political affairs.

Ideal, the politics of any state work for or against its progress depending on the strings partisans pull at given moments. Accordingly, it has been discovered that sense of purpose or drive dos not fully support the conduct of partisans. What is more, emotion, which includes the fear of humiliation and losing forms money chasing wave. Therefore few supplicants extend overt professional to bureaucrats. Substantively, such influence from lobbyists arises from having more access to such officials as opposed to average voters. This causes them to have more lasting power through better information which aids them in endorsing incomprehensible provision in tax cryptogram. These codes can translate to billions for respective clients, yet no one cares about it (Obama, 2010). Due to this, it is also true that the longer one maintains their position as a senator, the slimmer their possibility of communication becomes. This is likely because their calendar demands they should follow a dissimilar course. This could for instance be in the direction of donors who are wealthy rather than the direction of the majority people one represents. In this case, the difficulties of the common people become a great reverberation instead of being a tangible reality to be worked on day and night. This forces people to distance themselves from politics. This is evidenced by the fact few individuals have the predisposition and time in offering partisan crusade.

This in turn creates the mindset that when one is a candidate and they are in need of political workers and a list of voters, it requires that specific person to go or visit a place where people are organized already. This has always been true in the case of democrats who opt for environmental collections, prochoice collections and amalgamations. Republicans on the other hand thought of it as a religious right, ‘the RNA’, ‘anti-tax establishments’ and ‘local chambers of commerce’ (Obama, 2010). This is a presentation of the huge difference between commercial lobby and individuals in a group who are like minded. Therefore, a commercial lobby group has its thump founded on money only, while like-minded individual group prefers the act of working together so as to promote their own interests. Consequently, there is the group that has directly used its monetary influence for purposes of expanding political powers and on the contrary, there are others who simply seek pooling their votes in order to sway their representatives. This implies the former category subverts the notion of democracy as such, limits governmental policies. Obama, as such noted in his book that party members and political parties have the power to influence negative or positive governmental policies in the US. The media, on the other hand also plays a significant role in institution of government policies. Obama, to clarify this affirmed in his 39th city hall meetings he had held during his first year in office, in every meeting, the turnout was an average of 500 people; this implied that he was able to meet with approximate 20,000 people. If he was able to sustain such a pace for the rest of the years he was in office before completing his term, he would have had direct personal contact with ninety five thousands of his constituents up to the duration of another period of election. However, a 3 minute session or story on the lowest local broadcast media in Chicago market has the potential of reaching around two hundred thousand people. The media therefore is of great use in reaching out to constituents to seek approval from legislations or offer appeal regarding specific policies. Hence, the media can advance governmental policies either beneficially or detrimentally.

Further, the opinions of the public play a crucial role in inhibiting or enhancing development of government policies. On the basis of this, by evaluating the kind of mix in policies which can lead to dynamic free markets ad widespread entrepreneurial, upward mobility and economic security people can deliberate on the appropriate and desired policy frameworks that are ideal for growth. Majority of people believe when a nation invests more in science, technology, energy independence and education, it can make America a more competitive destination. Hence, governmental strategies can assist workers with few influences on the competence of the markets. Accordingly, minimum wage should be established for started through updating existing schemes of trade alteration support and redundancy cover. Through leveling the playing field between organized employers and labor, workers will be able to get higher wages and benefits that are better. The will serve as a complement to social security and as such the most affordable and best of such notions have already been put to pen to start moving towards a pension plan that is universally available. Americans should be offered bigger stake in fruits of globalization above promotion of savings. This implies public opinion makes it possible for policy makers as well as other parties to create policies which advance the lives of American citizens.

Universal safety

Obama shared his idea regarding safety of the world beyond American borders by hinting about his strategic plan. His strategies or plan involved stabilizing things in Iraq by neutralizing hostility of those in power towards the US. This could be achieved through eliminating possible terrorist establishments in Iraq. The initial step to mark this was withdrawal of US troops from the country. Accordingly, it has been found after the September 1, the United States has lacked a comprehensive national security strategy. This is evidenced by the presence of hoc decision instead of guiding principles that led to uncertain results. It is supposed to start at the point where the parties involves ought to realize that the US is a sovereign nation, with the right to defend itself against attacks. Therefore, the nation has taken up the mandate of elimination of imminent threat to its safety. Where there is need, the country has expressed the right of acting multilaterally through use of global force. At a certain point, it is important to note a superpower might restraint its power through following international conduct agreements. This denies dictators and terrorists’ room to paint American motives as imperialism advancements. Obama, by pointing and stressing out these points, indicated that America, has a nation has the mandate of guaranteeing the safety of the world including its own.

To conclude, Obama, in his book touches on almost all aspects revolving around the existence of America. Right from politics, policies, legislatures and parties to general public, all have an important role to play in building the American dream. The book, essentially offers great insights into the beliefs of Obama and hence, it is a tool for measuring his achievements by the end of his term in office. The book therefore offers its stand on hope and the promise presented upon democracy in America.


Work Cited

Obama, B. (2010). The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. New York, NY: Text Publishing Company.


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