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Public Administration Essay on Empowering America’s Middle Class Citizens

Empowering America’s Middle Class Citizens

America as a global leader is renowned for implementing sustainable and practical policies that focus at enhancing civilization, democracy and economic stability. The country notably places more emphasis on safeguarding its economic standing. This is a significant factor of effective functioning and it guarantees its population of continued growth and development.

The issue of the middle class of state population contributes to its growth directly through entrepreneurship and innovation. It also includes a high percentage of its overall population; therefore, the wellbeing of the group has different effects on national economic growth (Salins 57). In the past decade, the nation has struggled with different economic issues stemming from negative recession effects.

As it tries to address emerging issues, wealth inequality and income have continued to rise to a disturbing level. This has a significant impact on economic growth. To ensure sustainable prosperity, it is essential for the country to guarantee flow of cash or capital to the middle class. The following policy suggestions offer useful insights in relevance to how America can achieve this goal. Consequently, these are in line with the initiatives of the president that seek to endow the middle class (Office of Management, p. 8).

One of the most common challenges that the middle class face include the inability to implement their creative and entrepreneurial skills and to benefit from them. Many of them cannot pursue rewarding and creative initiatives due to lack of enough capital. It is therefore essential for the government to employ practical steps and support entrepreneurs as much as possible.

In this relevance, it should also settle for a proposal that aims at ensuring the group gets easy access to capital (Salins 55). With the power of investment funds, it is in a position to finance companies and firms in an effort to promote growth. Furthermore, by undertaking mentoring programs, the group will also be in a position to equip and empower entrepreneurs and equip them with essential skills to perform efficiently.

Office of Management from this point of view, programs that are tailor made to enhancing creativity level can benefit the middle class citizens a great deal (8). Additionally, the programs will offer financial empowerment opportunities that are essential in securing economic wellbeing of the middle class population.

In this relevance, there is need to offer development support to small businesses to enhance job creation. It is therefore worth appreciating that a good percentage of middle class population is without jobs. The administration is also aware that many small businesses promote economic growth in different ways (Lawson 39). Therefore, offering financial and technical support, cutting down on expenses and cost associated to starting up of a business is very crucial in growing entrepreneurship and supporting many business entities.

Besides ensuring easy accessibility to finances, the government should also increase small business contracting opportunities and to promote counselling resources. By doing so, this will ensure that innovators have easy access to various economic empowerment resources. Besides enhancing individual entrepreneur’s economic abilities, the initiatives ensure creation of more job opportunities (Robert 92). Active participation in the labor market also enables the middle class to share in national resource base as well.

When it comes to college education large percentage of the middle class population also witnesses difficulties. As a result, many are prevented from pursuing further studies and acquiring more skills needed in the current corporate world. The role of the government is to also ensure that middle class population in this regard has access to quality college education.

By offering incentives to colleges, the cost of education can be greatly reduced and it enhances affordability (Salins 83). Colleges in this respect should therefore be encouraged to accredit less expensive and nontraditional learning methods such as online education. Additionally, implementing programs such as free access to learning resources and access to textbooks in colleges, the government can reduce the cost of college education financing to the middle class.

The ineffective and unfair immigration system is also a disadvantage to the middle class because it deters them from making the most of opportunities presented by the environment. To empower this population, it is essential for the government to implement worthwhile reforms in the sector. Apart from recognizing contributions and efforts that legal immigrants make on the economy, a great system should also impose penalties accordingly as a way of punishing illegal immigrants.

The government also needs to enhance border security to address current issues. It should also punish firms and organizations that employ all undocumented workers. Additionally, it should enforce and implement relevant rules regarding the streamlining of legal immigration (Salins 99). The purpose of doing so is to reduce any barriers that prevent entrepreneurs and innovations with their families from getting citizenships, punishing unlawful emigrants and ensuring effective participation of relevant stakeholders in the immigration scheme.

The middle class population will also have fair competition from emigrant community once the government enforces the initiatives. It is also imperative to note that there is need to enhance retirement program to benefit the middle class population. America’s retirement system has undoubtedly failed to address concerns and needs of all citizens. Statistical prove also indicates that a large number, half of state workforce lacks the ideal retirement plan (Russo and Katzel 50).

Additionally, those that have a plan are not in a position to access enough resources that meet their needs in retirement. To address the issue, it is essential for the government to implement and create a new retirement plan that is efficient and more secure. It should also focus on reducing the costs incurred by half, reducing the fees and facilitating smart investment alternatives accessibility. The move ensures that the middle class have easy access to social security programs that are affordable.

Automatic registration of all employees in sustainable retirement programs also contributes a great deal to enhancing their social security. The middle class citizens also live in poor infrastructural facilities. This is a challenge that deters them from actively participating in economic development and seizing of prevailing opportunities for sustainable growth.

Capitalizing on infrastructure is an ideal measure to safeguarding the future and offering current population ideal employment openings (Salins 107). The government specifically should therefore ensure availability of enough financial resources for development of modern infrastructure. For efficient operation in this respect to attaining permits in the private sector, it should also get rid of prevailing bureaucracies that are frustrating, costly and time consuming.

Funding should also be aimed at directed at growing high speed railway and expanding accessibility of wireless broadband by the population and modernizing air control system among other initiatives. Additionally, the government should review its present minimum wage for middle class population as a policy concern. Current rates arguably do not enable them to meet their expenses.

Besides undermining middle class lifestyle, the trend also shuts out low income group from achieving an economic status of their own. It is also imperative for relevant investors to fight for increment of minimum wage. This will help to keep minimum wage at par with inflation rate thus, empowering the middle accordingly. The move will also increase their purchasing power and have a positive impact on the quality of their lives.

Increasing minimum wage will most importantly, increase their investment and ensure economic growth in return (Barnes 139). The affected population will in the end participate efficiently towards economic growth. Modern national economy is also demanding given the fact that it requires essential knowledge and skills from the employees.

The economy of the USA is influenced greatly by creativity and innovation. The demands of high growth industry presently overwhelm the middle class population. The government apart from offering affordable college education as mentioned earlier, should also focus more offering access to quality early childhood education to the middle class, redesign high school education as a reflection of complex corporate needs and inculcate critical and creative thinking education in the curriculum.

Such move is a long measure to ensuring that the group has easy access to quality education to help enhance the corporate sector (Russo and Katzel 173). It also guarantees economic growth and high profile standings in the society to the future generations. Most importantly, recognition is essential because it promotes national economic growth.

According to social studies, the middle economic class citizens depend on the manufacturing sector for employment (Lawson 30). Even so, the sector has limited employment opportunities currently. This state of affairs affects the middle class population undesirably. The country is currently committed to promoting technology and its manufacturing capacity. Government’s dedication efforts to address persistent issues are evident and commendable.

The middle class employees according to Lawson, needs modern infrastructure to explore manufacturing opportunities (Lawson 36). Therefore, the government should more than ever upgrade its infrastructural aptitude and allow for active involvement of the private sector. The government apart from offering adequate finances and enhancing investment in manufacturing industry should also use its present manipulation programs to ensure employment openings are truly economically fulfilling.


Apparently the middle class population in America faces many challenges that undermine their welfare and the country’s economic growth. Since they make up an important part of national population, it is essential that their needs are fully addressed to enhance economic growth. From the research study, it is clear that ensuring easy accessibility of quality education for the group helps to enhance their competitiveness in present environment.

Supporting their entrepreneurial skills and initiatives via funding is also empowering and it creates more job opportunities directly. Reducing retirement related costs also assures the group of quality life upon retirement. Additionally, improving state of the art infrastructure also assures the government of a good way to enhance middle class population performance.

Similarly, offering ideal employment opportunities especially in the manufacturing sector via investment guarantees the group of rewarding employment. The government should also focus on developing and enforcing preceding policies to enhance sustainable economic growth because it has enough resources.



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