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Public Relations Essay on Climate Change and Potential Generic Public Policy Solutions

Climate Change and Potential Generic Public Policy Solutions

Climate change is characterized by regular change in weather conditions over a long haul. Human induced climate change is increasingly becoming a concern. There have been different generic public policy solutions that have been passed across to help solve the issue.

One of the suggested solutions is implementing a clean energy policy emphasizing on the significance of replacing fossil fuels with cleaner energy options (Yin). Measures to help cut down on energy needed per output are also essential to achieve the goal. Adaptation has also put suggested as a possible result especially for the countries that are more vulnerable. Other measures include tax on regulation and emission (Stern 7).

Currently, the extent of climate change in process is massive. It not only affects the current global population but also future generations. The current effects include increase in food prices which are extraordinary high. This also leads to food crisis across the globe and this has been on the rise for the past five years creating riots in Haiti in 2008 and contributing to Arab Spring in 2011 (Anderson and Reilly).

Greenhouse gas emissions have also caused global warming and as a result, rapid decline in ice in the arctic sea. Forest fires have also become more frequent compared to the past and droughts are becoming even worse. The future generations are also more likely to witness a bleak future with high sea levels which also creates displacement of human population (Lonergan 7).

Economic catastrophe is also inevitable as well as humanitarian crisis because of water shortage and mass starvation (Pittock 12). This is indeed that reality that the human race is facing. As a public policy strategy, energy reforms would be very effective in reducing the problem because it works towards greenhouse gas emissions.  It also entails fossil fuels substitution for clean energy (Yin). Since greenhouse gas emissions from use of energy are considered as the major cause of global warming (Hughes 56) this effectively manages the rate of climate change and reducing its effects.

A good example is also the creation of district heating systems in Sweden to reduce dependence on energy especially from fossil fuels. They rely on biofuel energy which is cleaner and efficient (Henry and Foy). Even though this may play a bigger role in reducing the damage that has already occurred, it helps in preventing further damage and in safeguarding the future of upcoming generations.

Tax on emissions has also been seen as a possible solution. This works towards solving the problem by increasing the cost of economic activities that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions effectively (McMorran and Nellor 20). It also triggers adoption of different low carbon footprints technologies. Taxes as a public policy decision in the end, enhances solving of climate change issue (Grantham Research Institute and Clark).

The other ideal alternative is adjusting to climate change. This is essential because climate change is already taking place and it cannot be avoided at this time (Helmuth, Atkinson, and Suarez). This policy response is additionally relevant to vulnerable states that are forced to suffer the impact of industrial gas emissions, which are the invention activities of developed nations.

An investment in adaptation is more likely to increase survival for instance, quality crop varieties that are in a position to withstand increasing temperatures more efficiently thus, lesser effects of climate change in the future (Stern 6).

Climate change is realism and has to be dealt with before its harmful effects become intolerable. Different generic public policy explanations can be employed by various states to reduce the impact on more vulnerable countries. Such policies should also be employed as soon as possible to reduce the problem before it is too late to take further action.


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