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Religious Studies Essay on Religious Studies

Religious Studies

In the past years, there have been many debates on secularism, theism and atheism. The world witnessed the emergence of small companies of different books by various authors depicting issues on the same topic. The debate is that religious beliefs have been obsolete and science has superseded it and hence, outdated in the modern world.

The world is known to outgrow childish religious beliefs and the idea is brought about as a way of inspiration essence. In some cases, it is presented as a national security issue and the state as well as its nationalists must outgrow the beliefs that seem to suppress the world. This kind of debate painfully reduces simplistic comprehension of what religion is all about, understanding of culture and faith.

The secular concept has also failed to define religious family roles and that of a secular world (Brekke 119). This paper will also debate on theology liberation from a secular point of view.

Secularism is one of the main factors leading to confusion in the religious world essentials. The whole concept of secularism ensured that the fundamentalism spreads across different religions despite being referred by Christian Protestantism as the innovative users. Even so, according to Brekke, Protestantism is the product of global processes that began in the Western World and it disseminated at different local adaptations and speeds to different societies.

The societies would then pass across the same information that they believe not to have understood the whole idea. Fundamentalists have also in the past discovered conventional priesthood weaknesses and settled to step into the vacuum with a revamped religious revival message. The priest in this endeavor should not engage in political activities besides spreading the word to revive people.

Religion should also be a unique societal aspect because of the fundamentals of mentioned religion and that it should have constant principles. During the colonial period, people were also taught the importance of obedience to relevant authorities. This is especially, one of the reasons as to why many Christians conform to secular teachings more easily (Taylor 107).

Fundamentalism has also unified the world into one village based on current beliefs uniformity notwithstanding cultural disparities. Religion has no uniqueness that it used to have in the past. Secularism has also introduced a method of ensuring religions behave in the same way successfully and this is brought forth by fundamentalism beliefs.

This has also left many convictions struggling with the biblical law and fundamentalism laws. In as much as Islamic, Hindu and other religious laws are constant and universal, fundamentalism has also introduced other laws over the people and it does not tie down to believing on something bit allows them to make personal decisions freely.

This is specifically dangerous and risky because religions lack importance in modern world. It is also the reason as to why there are many Christian religion denominations and other religions yet still; there is a lot of evil in the world (Brekke 101).

In conclusion, every individual by association is a member of a particular religious society. However, the type of religious beliefs is now greatly influenced by paganism and fundamentalism beliefs, which were absorbed into different religions because of fundamentalism across the globe. Therefore, revival preachers that stand in the modern world vacuum could not be affected by the aspect of fundamentalism (Taylor 169).


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