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The United States of America is a federal state comprising of federal district, 50 states and a number of extraterritorial jurisdictions. It has 9 depopulated and 5 occupied regions in the Pacific and in the Caribbean. At 9.83million km-square area with a population of about 316million people, the US is the largest nation on the basis of covered area as well as the largest in terms of inhabitants.

The country is also among the top racially diverse and leading multicultural countries across the globe, this being the significant result of immigration from different countries (Adams & Pearlie, 2001). The topography and atmosphere of the US is also different and a resident to a wide range of flora and fauna. The wealth gap just like earnings disparity is extremely large in the United States. Racal affluence disparity can however be attributed to division in income dissimilarities as well as differences in realization that exists in the US.

Differences in inheritance issues as well as accommodation market prejudice leads to ethnic wealth gap. Savings increase with rising earnings but even so, there is no participation of African Americans in this case because they are considered less than whites do. In the past years, it has been reasonably argued that African Americans live beyond their means hence, describing their failure to save.

Herpes is a viral infection caused by type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV- 2) viruses. It is an infection that is classified as one of the many divergent ailments depending on the location of the infection. Genital herpes is a Sexually Transmitted Disease in the genital region and it produces sores in the area. It is passed from one individual to the other through vaginal sex more specifically unprotected sex when the infected gets contact with the vaginal area.

Herpes virus cannot survive outside the body therefore; a person cannot get the infection from objects such as water or toilet seat. A person with the condition may experience pain and itching at first followed by sores that emerge afterwards. The sores may also emerge from the penis, scrotum, anus or buttocks. The sores begin as red bumps that become watery and red blisters quickly.

The blisters may also make urination an extremely painful experience. The entire genital area may also be extremely painful and a person can develop flu like symptoms. . There are many people who carry HSV virus and do not display any symptoms. This is why some have chronic genital herpes and carry the virus.

Once a person is infected with herpes, the recurrence tends to be more often. Periods tend to increase with time and each incident becomes less compared to the previous time. The disease is also transmitted via direct contact with body fluids or a wound with an infected person. Herpes transmission takes place between a people with a history of HSV seropositive infection to an individual with HSV seronegative and between dissonant partners.

Herpes virus 2 on the other hand is transmitted naturally via skin contract with a person carrying the virus. It can also be transmitted via exposure to vaginal fluids, saliva, semen or fluids from the herpetic blisters (Anita & JoAnn, 2006). In the USA, one out of four individuals has genital herpes. About 700,000 people every year get infected yearly. A number of people with the disease are not aware that they are infected because they do not notice or experience any signs.

Patients diagnosed with the infection often have many questions and concerns. There is also substantial humiliation, disgrace and dishonor linked with the disease. The psychological effect of the condition is even harsher compared to the physical effect of the disease amongst the infected persons in the states.

Anger, distress, despair and guilt are also common. The felling may also grow as a result of lack of power that patients think they have over the infection based on the impulsive recurrence nature of the infection. The problem with relations results as well as mind set of low self-esteem, the fear to transmit HSV to other people as well as damaged sexual functions are widespread in the US.

Emotional effect of the disease in the US can also be tricky. There are people who feel anxious and miserable over recurring incidences, infecting other people and building new sexual relations. Nonetheless, open communication and appropriate treatment options, many of those infected with herpes enjoy healthy sex lives. Because of the creation of publicity of the infection, many people from the region often have unenthusiastic feelings closely related to the state of proper diagnosis especially if they got genital herpes.

Feelings that herpes patients normally have include fear of dismissal, feeling of despair, feelings of segregation and the fear of being known as well as other destructive thoughts (Vezina & Steben, 2001). These feelings however reduce with time and most of the hysteria as well as stigma associated with herpes originate from a media campaign in the region.

As it is the case with many sexually transmitted diseases, females are more vulnerable to contracting herpes compared to men. The annual danger of genital herpes transmission from infected man to woman without using a condom or antiviral is about 10 percent (Mertz, 1993). This is known to be so based on the mucosal tissue that is constantly exposed to possible infection parts within the United States.

Suppressive antiviral therapy is widely used in the country to help reduce the risks. Antiviral therapy can help prevent the grown of HSV indicative infection scenarios meaning that approximately 50 percent of infected persons will be seropositive but with no symptoms. Condom has also been widely used to help reduce the risk of transmission considerably (Wald et al., 2005).

Condom use in the area has proved to be more effective in preventing man to woman infection and vice versa. The effect of using antiviral and condom is also almost addictive and it results in combined decrease in transmission risk yearly. The US has also formed support groups for the disease which offers information concerning herpes and run dating forums and websites for the infected people.

Increasing consciousness regarding the disease amongst the public is also a great strategy that has been utilized in the prevention of the disease in the region. Increasing awareness on the genital herpes recurrences on the other hand enhances analytical testing. Many citizens are not conscious that they are at risk of getting herpes infection. Therefore, ensuring more awareness can help the group to recognize personal risks and persuade them to employ the right measures.

Parallel with effectual patient physician corporations, increasing public awareness also helps to reduce the rate at which the disease is transmitted. There is no method that is used to remove the virus from the body of an individual but antiviral treatments helps to lessen the duration, recurrence and sternness of the outbreaks.

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen among other analgesics are often used to reduce pain and fever. Topical analgesic drugs including benzocaine, prilocaine tetracaine, and lidocaine help to reduce itching and pain (Leung & Sacks, 2003). Evidence also reveal that the use of acyclovir and valaciclovir in herpes treatment in patients suffering from cancer. The proof to hold up acyclovir use in major herpetic gingivostomatitis is also less effective.




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