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Multicultural Millennial Advertising




Multicultural Millennial Advertising

            The article Dodge Brand Targets Multicultural Millennials with Campaign for All-New dodge Dart Featuring International Music Superstar Pitbull highlight the manner in which Dodge applies multicultural incorporation strategies and strong advertisement in order to reach a large number of people from varying backgrounds. The article asserts the advertising campaign is designed to cater to the organization’s focus aimed at millennial for its car section. The compact segment has already been highlighted as the largest and most competitive segment in the industry of automobiles. According to Tim Kuniskis, the President and CEO of Chrysler Group’s Dodge Brand said millennials are crucial towards ensuring the segment grows. The Company appreciates that the generation is formidable in the economy. Dodge aims to create an impact in international market. Dodge has also noted that in order to succeed in the international market, it must appeal to individuals from different cultures. This rationale is behind the company’s incorporation of multimedia assets appealing to Y Generation from diverse cultural backgrounds. The production of How to Change Cars Forever was done in Spanish and English languages and they incorporated introduction of Pitbull as endorser of the new Dodge Art model.

Dodge has adopted the advertising business strategy that uses multicultural aspect. For any organization, advertising is of great importance. This is due to the fact it ensures the target population is aware of availability of a specific product in the market. Currently, the company is targeting millennials currently and this implies the organization will start to use advertising strategies that appeal to millennials. To a great extent, millennials are influenced immensely y celebrities. Majority of companies use celebrities in their strategy. The effect this has had is that of ensuring the millennials are attracted into buying more services and products. The central reason organizations prefer to use this strategy is because a large number of the millennial are seen to be attempting to get identified with different celebrities. Though this is the case, most firms have not established multiculturalism as part of their marketing endeavor. This causes a negative influence in their efforts of marketing in other cultures.

The company has additionally adopted an approach that targets millennials of varying cultural backgrounds. This is crucial towards ensuring a company appeals to target audience from the diverse cultural backgrounds. However, it can prove quite a challenge for the organization to come up with advertising media that attracts people from varying backgrounds. This is attributed to the reality most advertising media usually appeals to one ethnic group while others might interpret it in a different way. Dodge, in its marketing effort identified that a celebrity who appeals to American and Spanish population is likely to have an effect on both. This is further enhanced by the verity Pitbull is a celebrity known internationally and with the ability of influencing other ethnicities and this included those from developing and emerging markets. For example, it has already been ascertained that organizations with influence in international markets have applied different approaches towards ensuring that people from diverse cultural backgrounds are offered a means through which they can identify with a product that is from international market.

Another strategy that an organization can incorporate is targeting of Generation Y. this refers to people born between 1980 and 2000. There are a couple of advantages associated with considering this generation as the target population for an organization. One of these is that the generation has proved it has influential purchase power in varying industries across international markets. People born in the start of 1980s have proved to have a strong buying power whenever it comes to automobiles. These are individuals who are educated and well informed of the different kinds of products available in the market. Increase of information within the circle has also made it possible for them to be successful entrepreneurs as well as get jobs that are well paying in different parts across the globe. As a result of this, their purchasing power has been positively impacted. They are recognized as capable of purchasing products that are state of the art without giving much concern to the price as their primary concern is the status the product is going to give them as well as its quality. This implies when an organization used this approach, the millennials will be enticed as such, it will benefit from increased revenues and sales. The other benefit that comes with fact Generation Y is influential is their respective markets. Older people desire to get identified with the generation. This means that whatever the generation considers trendy will be viewed as trendy as well by the older people. The older generation has the income that is needed to buy goods. This indicates that an organization that adopts the stand of its focus on Generation Y has a high possibility and the benefit of attracting a wider market due to the influence the generation has on the society as a whole.

It has been discovered as well that these strategies are crucial in ensuring an organization enjoys success at international markets. Dodge has proved it is looking forward to making great steps to success in the international market. Incorporation of multicultural advertisement media is crucial towards ensuring people from diverse cultural backgrounds get attracted to the new Dodge Dart model. International celebrity incorporation is critical towards ensuring millennials from varying regions across the globe are attracted y that new productive and it will prove to be competitive once in the market. It is critical to target millennials as well in order to ensure the organization influences the largest population that is available in international markets. Use of bi-lingual adverting media is another benefit as it will have the effect of guaranteeing the media is addressed directly by 2 major groups in the Americas. It is also a good strategy to ensure developing and emerging markets that are situated in Latin America are attracted and informed y the product.

This article has proven beneficial in highlighting critical strategies a company needs to use to improve marketing efforts. Additionally, it highlights how application of multicultural advertising can prove beneficial to an organization towards helping it reach diverse ethnic groups. The article has helped me understand how companies seek to enter the international market by using diverse marketing strategies that can appeal to individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the article highlights how an organization is able to choose specific celebrities who have great and profound impact on consumers in the international market.

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