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Prevention of Air and Water Pollution by Business Concerns


Sustainable business practices refer to processes, procedures and methods that are applied by organizations in order to protect the interests of every stakeholder in pursuit of objectives set by a firm. Normally, these activities will affect strategies implementation as well as decisions due to the need of enhancing economic balance within the business environment. Effective strategies make it possible for organizations to meet the cultural and economic expectations for purposes of mutual benefit. Organizations aim to exploit new opportunities in order to improve competitive edge and profitability. In such an attempt, majority of them attempt to reduce costs as well as reach some new markets. As such, they get involved in practices that are unethical through pollution of the ecosystem with gaseous waste and chemicals. A system that is sustainable is described as a living system through which resources do not get depleted quickly than is needed to refill them. Companies might practice unsustainable social crime through depositing pollutants in water systems and the air (Brimblecombe 105). Corporate social responsibilities are a denotation of actions as well as procedures corporations take voluntarily in order to protect and preserve environmental and social concerns.   This paper is a presentation of the highlights of a company in selecting its own goals regarding social responsibility and the approaches that match the goals of the organization in operational functions. This involves water conservation and air pollution prevention as well as conservation of energy and resources.

The Problem

The issue here revolves around health and environmental problems that are caused by pollution. Businesses will carry their activities of supplying the products they sell throughout the globe and this can lead to pollution. Pollution can be managed through a government owned organization. Regulations set by the government are costly to the economy as well as to non-parties because of the high expenditures which are incurred in the course of the process (Brimblecombe 45). Policies implementation calls for constant expenses which the public must meet in the form of taxes. Such a process consumes a lot of time as such corrective finances and measures spent can prove expensive. Having an understanding of social corporate responsibility for companies makes it possible for the management to carry on preventive pollution procedures and measures. This ensures the toxic chemicals do not get disposed in the air and water. These toxic chemicals in the atmosphere and water can cause disease as such, degrade human health (Brimblecombe 45). Some of these illnesses might include cancer, asthma and autism.

In the life of every individual, safe water is fundamental. As such, companies should never tamper with water sources and pipes while they are constructing industrial facilities. Proper disposal of waste products should be carried out by corporations in order to reduce and eliminate contamination cases. Companies should as well formulate procedures and strategies that ensure there is proper effluence disposal. Organizations, should also adopt business practices that are ecologically sustainable through ensuring they have a green supply chain in order to guarantee a cleaner environment (Chittock and Hughey 542-551). Change in climate has proven to e a vital health concern because of ineffective pollution prevention programs and increased business operations. Mostly, air pollution is the result of dirty diesel that is released into the atmosphere during the course of transportation and production of finished and raw products.


Corporate social responsibility will save lots of money not only for the company but the economy as a whole. A company that adopts successful programs that prevent pollution holds control over its own costs in the future and also retains higher prospective for investment. The non-involvement of the government in correction actions to pollution ensure that vital initiatives for the public good are established. The responsibility assumed by the companies ensures employees are productive and safe; absenteeism cases are rare and health care costs lowered (Chittock and Hughey 542-551). This helps maintain a profit margin that is healthy for the company, guarantees a working environment that is of high quality and better remunerations. As such, the company faces fewer cases of losses, litigations and strikes. The effectiveness of an organization in prevention of water and air pollution is dependent on its ability to improve housekeeping, recycle production inputs and reduce use of water. If the company is not able to prevent waste generation, it should be able to minimize the pollutants it releases into the environment. Ideally, this would involve change of functional activities in order to accommodate new methods of production that are user friendly and more efficient.

The importance of social corporate responsibility in sustainability economics is that the social programs make it possible for the companies to improve on profits. Social responsibility is used to identify behavior that are relative and the appropriate measures that need to be taken in order to maintain good will. The government also offers subsidies to corporations in order to show social concerns via reduced taxes and funding of investment programs (Lindergreen and Swaen 1-7). Economic sustainability that is aimed at delivering insights into the process of decision making in regard to resources, policy formulation and the economy. In order to get reliable information that would conclude my analysis, I visited organizations and discussed pollution issue with the management and employees in order to understand the measures that need to be put up to succeed and to be implemented fully. A case study is crucial where questions put across to community members, employees, company directors and government can offer guidance towards my conclusion ion level of compliance to policies and rules. My question will entail practices of waste management in place, how frequently they get examined for variations as well as the impact they have on human life. To conclude, I intend to do further analysis in order to get more insights on efforts by the management to educate the employees on water and management (Lindgreen and Swaen 4-7). Reduction in pollution will also improve the financial state of companies as a result of advanced earnings which are guaranteed y tax submission that is timely.


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