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Current Public Health Issue: Position Paper

The New York Series publications are part of articles that articulate prospects of public services and human health. The key objective of the New York Times series is the establishment of health care conditions among civilians. 5 of the journal publications which are popular outline knowledge regarding impact caused y drugs. The consequences often are distributed in accordance to nature of the drug being abused. Drugs that are abused often in America and the world include marijuana, caffeine, tobacco, cocaine and alcohol. In nature, the journals are periodical with periods that range from daily abuse to monthly. The Series also highlights the agenda of National Center for Disease control of healthy living promotion among the citizens. In addition WHO (World Health Organization) aims for health lifestyle devoid of any chemical interference. Contents of these articles are an illustration of the impact caused y excessive use of these drugs on human health as well as the social status of the community at large.

The first is a journal article on tobacco smoking impacts. Tobacco smoking leads to varying health hazards among the users who are affected indirectly and directly. Research indicates tobacco contains a chemical composition which causes users to become addicted. As such, users are often inclined to use it so long as they have the desire. The effects on the other hand are great and instantaneous. The effect of additive smoking on users is always immediate especially those suffering from severe lung attack. Lung cancer is undoubtedly a typical disease that is lined to excessive tobacco smoking. Other effects that are related include unproductively among smokers addicted. For example, social stratum of these individuals is one that is geared towards smoking instead of engaging in activities that are productive. WHO records indicate majority of families are disrupted in instances where one of the parent is engaged in addictive smoking. Therapists of cancer reveal most long term smoking incidents often lead to deaths. What is more, smoking effects lead to development other sicknesses that are related and this further makes the health of the individual worse. According to the article, smoking also causes other psychological consequences on the community and the people at large. Issues related to smokers and family conflict at times leads to self-control loss (Brownson, 2008, p. 47) (Brownson, 2008, p. 47) and perpetuate disagreements. Losses that are occasioned by death also result to huge gaps in the community with the families being direct bearers of following consequences. The health conditions that are required for each person are outlined in public health policy and efforts of challenging these standards lead to further deterioration of health state in society.

Social standing of the society demands physical well-being and uprightness of the people. The fundamental requirement for growth and stability of a country is physique. Good health conditions boost the performance of the people as well as hard work. Excessive smoking on the other hand leads to poor health conditions that translate to low or poor economic performance. The journal on tobacco smoking impacts is diverse and it influences other economy sectors apart from the health sector. Additionally, the journalized articles also support various incentives and avenues of controlling the effects that are the result of smoking. The most essential platform for controlling such incidences is creating public awareness campaigns. These campaigns are based on giving control against effects that are caused by smoking impacts. Awareness campaigns will also be accompanied by statistical and logical concerns outlining practical tobacco impacts on the global societies. Apart from creation of awareness, the government in question also has the mandate of making legislations on control of smoking habits. The act on excessive smoking control is a major legislative enactment with the ability of controlling smoking among people. The legislation outlines consequences linked to smoking as well as concerned families who have the mandate if controlling conduct of their loved ones against excessive trends of smoking. For example, they are supposed to report any antisocial conduct of close associates.

Policy Framework Creates Discipline and Responsibility among the Public, who Become Cautious of the Perceived Effect of Law

The second journal is published by WHO and is known as Human Behavior and Dietetic. Principles of health conditions and good eating habits are clearly highlighted in the journal. Under the journal, various eating modes are termed as unhealthy and castigated. A policy on public health requires eating trends that are healthy and provides measures that are correctional among the people. The framework policy also creates some health measures advocating healthy foods. Food production must as well be guaranteed through a strict public policy meeting the public’s health criterion. Application of such policies is of great importance as they guarantee health conditions in foods that are processed are improved. Human consumption should e complemented by very high health standards. The second discussed element by the journal is upholding of health practices that are effective (Deng & Shen, 2007, p. 87). Public health needs popular muscles exercise in order to improve the condition of the body and ensure an individual remains active. Taking food that is chemical free, complemented by health practices that are positive essentially contributes towards the country’s social well being. Launching of public laws concerns healthy production of food integrates Health Academies intervention that provides technical assistance and training to the public. Health policy publications have the potential influence of reducing issues that are health related among the people. Creating tools to implement this kind of policy will ensure accountability to production of food and efficiency (Owler, 2008, p. 153). The operation relating to this condition focuses on promoting service delivery and human health.

The third one is a journal anchored on alcohol consequences. Alcoholic drinks are meant for enjoyment but with responsibility and care. Alcohol bills are initiated with the sole aim of culminating impacts that are associated with excessive alcohol consumption. The imperative aspect regarding alcohol is the fact it generates satisfaction in people. Excessive alcoholism however can result to various health complications. Addiction can lead to acute or mild attacks on victims as they are anchored in the journal, the public health laws explain excessive alcohol consumption is a danger to health. The bills on alcohol are captured in both the short and long term plans aimed at combating perceived effects of alcohol on users. For example, one cites social excessive consumption effects as the direct social impact felt by families. As a result of the ease with which alcohol can be accessed, drunkards who are addicted might spend the entire day drinking leaving families without any resources. This is caused by improper use of resource and it leads to great poverty within the society. Apart from misuse of finances, alcoholism can also cause contraction of infections relate to the liver which at times prove vital and cause deaths eventually. Legislation of public health policy against excessive alcohol consumption is an incentive that is aimed towards realization of a healthy and steady community. Aspects that are influential in the policy attribute to precautionary and elemental operations it provides. What is more, it also highlights social responsibility importance in society and warns alcohol menace can interfere with social family set ups. The developed data offers guidelines on friendly enjoyment terms in relation to various brews. The relationship between social healthcare and consumption limits provides incentives that the public can take in order to guard against excessive drinking (Pyne, & Correia, 2002, p. 123).

The fourth and fifth journals discuss overconsumption of other drugs such as marijuana and cocaine and psychological effects they have on victims are very detrimental. In most countries, cocaine is outlawed and often, consumption is against the law. Complete ban of cocaine consumption is a legislative framework that is undertaken by different governments in order to eliminate the effects of using this drug. Normally, users of cocaine suffer from different kinds of psychological effects that are detrimental to the society at large. Marijuana also has adverse effects on an individual’s psychological status that experiences hallucinations constantly. Laws aimed at stemming out use of these drugs lead to social health and economic hazards to the people. Application of the policy influences elimination of consumption of these drugs. Just as is the case with preceding legislative measures that curb the menace of the drug, the policy has a detailed operational approach. The framework policy ensures public health remains upheld regardless of the rules set.

Legislative government duties that are in line with public measures are guaranteed steps to implementation of social, sound policies. These policies are aimed at boosting public health level and eliminating incidences that are occasioned by consumption impact on foodstuffs and drugs.






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