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Review Essay on Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

The publication of the book generated a lot of reactions from Germans and Americans. Americans were very skeptical to German system of having a totalitarian government. Many critics offered different views on the publication and sometimes cited it as a divulsive and complex issue as opposed to mere reporting.

Additionally, American historical accounts are well represented by JSTOR, a collection of articles that explain social and political tribulations of the Americans in the 18th century. Hannah Arendt, a German scholar and social activist, castigated social evils in German during the dark ages of the Second World War.

This article therefore comprises of different ideas and many schools of thought on German’s social situation during the period as well as the impact on the people and across the globe. The literary works of Hannah comprises of findings on the plight of different races as well as ramifications of political occurrences on various races.

The article therefore forms part of major writings within JSTOR. The American historical account and interest is also fully captured in the articles. Additionally, other sub-articles explain the validity of assertions made by the author. Hannah Arendt’s report on the Banality of evil offers a clear outline on the events that led to legal proceedings against social injustices.

The author also employs her skills and historical precedence on JSTOR books focusing on essential elements in Germany during and after the World War II. Racial prejudice is one of the major issues of concern because it was perpetrated against the Jews and those living outside Germany. Religious and social prejudices developed on different social set ups to an extent that it led to wars and animosity.

In this article, Hannah analyses religious orientation and political situation of the majority in Germany. Another issue that generated a lot of interest is the responsibility of Americans in World War II and the impacts experienced because of their role in the war. The author carefully analyses dynastical and political intrigues of the antagonists. Eichmann in particular is associated to the attack on Jews who were considered enemies to the German people (Arendt 87). Perceived political interference was one of the reasons cited and Eichmann believed that Jews were used by Americans who were to take over their leadership.

On the other hand, Adolf Eichmann went hiding for many years after impersonating his identity.  However, justice supported is justice availed according to JSTOR publication. The tribulations of Eichmann became worse and he could no longer stay in his hideouts. Judicial processes accompanied his retrieval where warrants of arrest were issued.

The situation still could not please the author who had clearly noted that justice was applied against Eichmann maliciously. The judicial process allows a person to defend him or herself before being issued with a verdict. However, Eichmann was kidnapped by the Israelites and he was arraigned in court and charged with genocide against the Jews.

Being a Nazi lieutenant, his position contributed to countless deaths and massive deportation of Jewish living in Germany. Additionally, Eichmann played a significant role in Jewish deportation to makeshift camps. These created bedrock of allegations against him under the Israelites judicial system.

The articles by Hannah faced rejection across the globe. This was strongly attributed to the controversial nature of the expression. An American screenwriter Pamela Katz denounced literary works by Hannah claiming inconsistency especially on the community’s social expressions. In the artist’s article, she cites the reason as abstractions and confrontations in Hannah’s publications.

With the fact that Hannah castigated the nature of arrest and prosecution of Eichmann led to human rights violation. Therefore, the supportive details attribute to the innocence of Eichmann despite being a lieutenant in the army during the Second World War. The article by Pamela also explains Arendt’s life history but does not provide literal facts of her publications.

The reserved publications on the other hand led to the feeling that Hannah stated irresponsible claims in the article. Proactive comments in the publication portrayed Eichmann as a senior SS officer with no connection with Jewish attacks by the Nazis (Arendt 89). Additionally, Hannah alluded that the lieutenant helped many Jews to maintain their social dignity.

It is such comments that made people to mistrust and read a lot of suspicion in Hanna’s articles. As a result, she was considered a self-hating Jew. Eichmann was further illustrated as an innocent SS officer as the Jewish Council was complicit in murdering its own people in mass. The Banality of evil also clearly outlined that the accusations made on Eichmann were false and he was unfortunately considered the mastermind of the attacks on Jews (Canovan 123).

According to different school of thought, analytical perspectives and expressions were made on Hannah’s publications. The outcome of the first research also revealed that the article was not pleasing to many Jews. What’s more, the aftermath of revelations following the publications revealed that there were reservations to many points outlined in the article.

Friends who were close to Hannah denounced her on grounds of uncertainty and mistrust in her publications. Her point of view was also highly contradicted by people who strongly believed that truth remained hidden in the publication. There were also many incidences of misunderstanding that made the book unpopular. It also generated animosity among the people with both sides engaging in fierce blame games.

Tactical approach was also used in the article revealing the message of the author to the general public. By establishing facts on implementation of justice and prosecution were in jeopardy, according to the author’s reasoning perspective. She also cited that judicial decisions that were made against Eichmann did not hold the will of fairness and were erroneous.

Hannah’s publications were rubbished by the Jews who also denounced all claims of social integrity and fairness. For example, many Jewish living in America who expected justice condemned the publication in the highest terms because of inconsistency and irrelevance in regards to social etiquette.

Based on the articles evaluation as well as other JSTOR publications, it is imperative to summarize the intention of the author as assertive and critical. Culmination of facts also relate to the treatments according to victims of human perpetrations. The author also uses the book to protect victims while reprimanding relevant authority as well as its operations.

The courts process and social unfolding on the other hand prompted Hannah to different publications while leaving America. Eichmann while in Israel provided his account of Jewish persecution and his role in saving them from inhuman murder (Calhoun 67). There are also other publications that pointed on human condition, the origins of Totalitarian and controversial Eichmann in Jerusalem among other features on human dignity.

In conclusion, the political and social condition in many countries offered no accesses to justice and comprehensive probe. Hannah Arendt made her justifications based on the condition and situation of Eichmann in the Jerusalem based court.



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