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Glengarry Glen Ross is a film that depicts two days in the lives four real estate salesmen. The film developed in 1992 depicts the lives of the salesmen who become desperate when company management with an aim of motivating and enhancing their performance, offers them a trainer. The manager during the process looks at the salesmen helplessly but the motivator declares them fired within a week unless they sell houses to retain their jobs.

In the film, the manager and the motivator are very notorious for using profanity in their efforts to manipulate and control the team.

Sources of power of the characters in the movies

Mitch and Murray send Blade to train the salesmen on how to seal deals. Blade not only uses profanity and abuse while undertaking the motivational session on the workers but also announces that two of the best sellers will be awarded lucrative leads on the Glengarry. The rest will be fired in a week.

Blade’s source of power is his success in the real estate business and it has made him wealthy. During the session, he also displays an expensive car and watch for the others to admire. He is an expert in real estate business with an ability of making fifteen thousand dollars overnight.

As cast in Glengarry Glen Ross, Blade is an arrogant person and does not have a lot of power over the team he is tasked to lead with an aim of increasing company sales. He therefore resorts to use abuse and intimidation. He fails to ensure that employees go an extra mile to make more sales as a person given mandate to motivate and train them by Mitch and Murray, who are the owners of the corporation. Even though it is very important to carry out performance appraisal so that top performers can be awarded, an effective manager ensures that leaders do what is expected of them to succeed.

Levene, who is also called the machine in the film, was once a very successful person in real estate business. However, he is not currently performing well because of his sick daughter whom, he takes care of. He clearly understands that he will lose job if he cannot generate the sales required. Therefore, he is trying frantically to get pointers to sales from the manager who has negated to cooperate.

John Williamson, who is the manager, has refused to give Levene leads in the Glengarry project even when under threat. He demands cash and Levene has refused to give and leaves without essential leads. In the film, Levene is seen as an unsuccessful sales person with no power to convince people about his product. He therefore resorts to using uncouth means including manipulation of the manager based on his daughter who is sick to gain mileage and leads to the real estate selling.

The other real estate salesmen including Dave Moss and George Aaronow also complain that Mitch and Murray hit back at the company as a way of getting promising leads on the project that the company has been giving to competing firms only. According to Moss, they should break into their manager’s office and steal the leads but Aaronow declines to participate in the plan.

Another scene takes place near a bar, in the film where Rick Roma delvers disjointed monologue argument to try and convince James Lingk, who is his target. He frames the real estate as an exclusive opportunity for James. Ricky Roma manages to convince James by talking to him about life situations and issues where his power comes from. His sales strategy works by introducing Glengarry Highland as an exclusive opportunity that his client should take advantage of.

The following day when the salesmen came into the office, they found out that it had been broken into. After police questioning, Moss quarrels with Roma and leaves disgusted. Dave Moss is not successful in the business and is easily intimidated by the sales of others in the office. He also doesn’t like the fact that the company’s real estate sales person is Ricky Roma.

Before the police complete their interrogation, it is seen that Lingk comes in, an indication that he does not intend to continue buying the houses as the film continues. He is also deceived by the manager that he has already submitted the check to the bank for processing in an effort to salvage the deal, in the characteristic fashion.

As the manager of the organization, John Williamson has not provided enough support other employees who are working under him. He failed to convince James Link to continue buying the houses, where Roma loses $6000, an example of lack of his influence and power over his team.

The source of power for the manager comes from his relation to the company owners. As a result of his failure, Ricky Roma who is a subordinate wants the manager to be removed from his position in the company.

As the film continues we also see Levene going into the office excited about an unlikely sale that occurred earlier in the day. He goes ahead to mock John Williamson on his unexpected success. However, he reveals the details of a check that only a person who could have broken into the office would possess because of his careless utterances. He later accepts that he had indeed broken into the office to get the leads. He is scoffed by Williamson that he was excited about the whole deal and on what was done on bankrupt people with no ability to purchase real estates.

Who has the most power and why?

Ricky Roma is the most powerful in the person. He exemplifies a character that is able to make good and successful sales if given enough support by his bosses. He gets his power from the top closer of deals in the company. It is a fact that enabled him to earn a lot of respect from other salesmen in the organization. The skill is also evident when managers try to convince a client, James Lingk to purchase a real estate building arguing that it will enable him to achieve his goals.

Additionally, his competence is seen when he confronts the manager because of his incompetence in offering support to the subordinate staff when he was only a sales person in the company. Roma is able to introduce the issue of buying Glengarry houses using long disjointed discussions ranging from economy to family indicating that it will be dream come true for James. The powers of Ricky Roman come from his expertise in convincing and dealing with clients to make a life time investment in the real estate industry.

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