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The website in consideration is henrywalker.org, a Christian based website. The site offers information on ‘‘Christ vs. Antichrist’’. However, the entire information does not provide details of the writer or author. It is written in first person and indication that the name on the website is the name of the author.

The website is titled Henry Walker therefore; there is no doubt that the writer is the same person, Reverend Henry Walker. His writing credentials for writing on the topic are stated under tab ‘‘biography’’ (Walker par 2). The Reverend is also the owner of the organization. Being a Christian website offering the authors biblical view on antichrist, the information therein is limited to the interpretation of the author hence, biased to some extent.

Reverend Henry Walker is a renowned writer and has written three books including the Seasons, the noon and Demystifying the Trinity. He is also a seasoned television speaker known for different television shows for example, ‘‘it is Supernatural’’ by Sid Roth. Additionally, he is a seasoned scholar qualified to write on Christ vs. Antichrist and a renowned minister of God.

The website has a telephone, post office address and an email for contacting them. This implies that the organization is very transparent in its operations. The work also features a scholarly style because the author constantly uses Bible quotations, a credible source even though the website is not scholarly. This also indicates that the information in this paper is a document that was written by a professional for the public and that that the writer has qualifications and full authority to write on the same.


The information in this paper is not part of an edited publication or peer reviewed hence; its accuracy has not yet been verified. However, the writer quotes some facts that can be verified from reliable sources. For example, the writer states Halloween period as a time when parents should take time to pray for their children the most. Many writers consider Halloween as a period characterized with demonic rituals leaving a mark in children.

Rogers (29), claims that many children are often haunted by the rituals and scary films during Halloween therefore, it needs divine intervention and fervent prayers. Additionally, the author bases many facts in the Bible because it is a reliable and verifiable source. For example, if the writer claims antichrist films in the form of false prophets manifests in the church, he goes ahead to make reference to 1John 4:1-3. Based on the given details, the information seems credible. The writer also claims that antichrist spirit focuses on taking the position of Christ.

The spirit dwells in church leadership and in the people who aim at glorifying themselves above Jesus Christ. This has also been the case for long since Satan fell from heaven. Satan was towed from heaven after seeking to glorify himself above God. Such spirit is working in men at church and aims at taking the position of the church (Rogers 33).

The website however does not give the general public an opportunity to edit any content therein. This implies that the information provided is accurate and has not been modified at any given point.


The website does indicate any date likewise to the writer. Therefore, one cannot easily ascertain the date in which the article was written. As a result, one cannot also state whether the information is current or old. Additionally, there is no indication of the period or time when the website was updated, revised or edited. The public do not have an opportunity to edit the information.

The website is also not interaction and there is no detail as to when the information was reacted to or accessed by the audience. This also indicates that one cannot tell whether the information provided is current. The website also does indicate whether reference materials used are regularly updated or not.

However, message tab offers a series of messages that increase with time. This indicates that the message on the top is current compared to that at the bottom. The website does not also offer any link to other websites hence, currency details cannot be easily ascertained using dates.

The way in which the author brings the content however implies that the message or information in the article is current. He keeps using the word ‘‘today’’ to imply to current or modern times. The article is also skillfully written by the author to communicate the things that take place in the modern church. Therefore, there is no need to provide dates.

The intended audiences are Christians and any Christian can discern the details in the article are current based on its narration of current happenings. What’s more, the information in the article is authoritative despite the fact that the date it was written is not provided.


The article is objective and is not biased based on the information therein. The website in the first place does not contain advertisement. It is a plain page that does not link to other websites. The only links provided lead to message tabs by the same author. This indicates that there are no outside sponsors who can temper with the authenticity of the information provided.

The writer does not have commercial or any other intention but is objective in his writing. Additionally, the author does not use derogatory or inflammatory information. His message is forthcoming and very clear on the topic Christ and Antichrist implying that the article is very objective.


The article on the subject antichrist covers a small section.  The topic is wide and in the past, has generated controversial interpretations with some authors offering various personalities as antichrist. Henry Walker however on the website does not embroil in the controversial interpretations but offers a Biblical interpretation of the Spirit of antichrist comprehensively.

The information provided by the author also supports works provided by other websites and authors. For example, Good News Inc. website covers the same subject in reference to the book of Daniel. The information on the site closely relate to the information provided by Henry Walker (Good News Inc. par 1).

One can approach the topic antichrist from any angle and tailor it to provide a conclusive end. Henry Walker has chosen to approach the topic through biblical interpretation of different accounts of Elijah and Elisha in the book of 1John. He focuses on the spirit of antichrist, defines it and offers working modalities as well as giving audiences the direction on how to be part of it.

It is an indication that the information provided by the author is conclusive based on the angle approached. At the same time, the author provides entire work based on the subject and does not indicate any part that is missing. Lastly, the website is stable, and there is no indication that it is under construction or that it can be modified. This also means that the content therein is stable.


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