Child support

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Child support

Child support is a system designed by the government where parents who are not living with their children offer financial support for them. When both parents are not residing in the same place as a result of divorce, separation or any other reason, the child is granted child support. The parent or the acting guardian of the child is the custodian of the money. The money is used for the up keep of the child.

This system was developed to ensure that children do not suffer when the relationship between parents ends. There are different laws governing the issuing of child support in different states. In some states it is the responsibility of the father to provide his children with child support. Some states simply state that it is the function of the breadwinner regardless of the gender.

The law ensures that two people who have had a child take responsibility of this child. Unless there are other unique factors that make the parents unable to do so, the government expects the parents to provide child support. If the parents are unable to do so, they can seek help from the numerous available resources. Parents who are unable to take care of their children nor to provide them child support can have their children absorbed into the foster care system. Foster parents get child support from the government every month to take care of the foster children.

Parents who are aware that they will not afford to take care of their children before they are born have options. Upon delivery the baby can be given up for adoption. This has to be through a proper legal process since it is illegal to sell a baby like merchandise.

In the law there are different types of child support. Every case is treated depending on how unique it is. For example a father may have to provide child support that is enough to take care of his children as well as his ex-wife. This mostly occurs when the wife was a stay at home mom throughout the time they were married. This way, the lives of the children will not be destabilized even with the exit of the father.

How it works

The person who spends most time with the child is the one who receives the child support. The first step is to apply for child support from the absent parent. In some unique cases it can be that both parents are absent and the guardians of the child may be the grandparents or someone else.

The government has a standard formula to reach to arrive at the ideal amount that a parent should pay as child support it differs for every case. only children under 19 years are provided with child support. In some states, the child if working should be earning a figure less than the one stipulated by law.


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