Effects of Cold War on Asia

sample essay about Racism & fight against racism

Racism & fight against racism

According to UNESCO’s constitution every person has a right to enjoy all human rights without discrimination based on race or gender. This principle stipulated in the charter of the United Nations states that everyone must enjoy their fundamental freedoms. Human rights are held in high esteem in the interaction between individuals as well as internationally between countries.

There have been cases of people being denied their fundamental rights all over the world. This has seen the rise of various organizations and forums that seek to fight any form of discrimination. Typical cases of deprivation of human rights include child labor, human trafficking, media mugging especially in undemocratic countries, HIV/AIDS stigmatization and many more. As much as it is clearly indicated in the UN constitution, people still suffer all over the world.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the rights. This ignorance exacerbates the situation because people are not able to stand for themselves. Other times those who are aware that they are being denied their human rights do not have the power to fight back.

The subject of human rights activism is one that should be approached as a complex factor. As much as we have tried to come up with a general definition of what are considered to be human rights, there are other dynamics that come in to play. Cultural and religious factors are such major dynamics that cannot be ignored. People should not be denied their freedoms based on the color of their skin, their religion or where they are from.

For example, the matter of gender rights is very complex. We may assume that women in the Muslim community are being denied their rights. A person who has lived in a predominantly Christian community may think that the women in the Muslim community are being given less opportunities that the men in their community. However, the Muslim women may be content to apply the principles of the Koran. It will be therefore unnecessary to champion a campaign about gender rights in such a religious setting.

Cultural practices and beliefs are also important factors to consider in the discussion about human rights. The roles and responsibilities of different people in the society differ from one society to the other. However, with globalization and the world becoming one global village it is important to consider people’s freedom from diverse perspectives.

United Nations and UNESCO have been on the fore front to fight all forms of discrimination and human rights activism. The first thing that they do is to educate eth masses so that people understand their rights and the importance to fight for them. They empower people that have been deprived of their human rights so that they can speak out. They advocate for governments that are denying their citizens their rights to make the necessary reforms so that the citizens can lead better lives.


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German Commission for UNESCO


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